Has Barack Obama fired more cruise missiles than all Nobel Peace Prize winners Combined?

The decision by the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama in 2009, the first year of his presidency, has long rankled his opponents, who felt he was inexperienced and hadn’t earned the prestigious award.

And even many of Obama’s supporters were disappointed by his decisions to continue the U.S. role in Iraq and send more troops to Afghanistan.

So when Obama in March 2011 decided to enforce a “no-fly zone” to prevent Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from crushing rebel forces, criticism flared.

One of the most cutting lines, which ricocheted around blogs and even appeared on bumper stickers from a Libertarian website, stated: “Obama’s fired more cruise missiles than all other Nobel peace prize winners combined.”

A version of that slogan was put on a sign (with “missles” misspelled) along Route 12 near Keene, N.H., by Mark Edgington, a libertarian talk-radio host whose program, Free Talk Live, is heard on about 100 stations around the country.

Edgington said he believes the sign is true because of what he’s read on the Internet — plus the fact that cruise missiles were not so available when other wartime leaders won Nobel peace prizes.

“They didn’t have cruise missiles around then, so I felt relatively confident that it was true,” said Edgington, who said his concern was also directly tied to Obama’s decision to intervene in Libya without seeking congressional authorization.

“I find the actions to be unconstitutional. And I still think there is a greater message: he’s an awfully big killer to have received the Peace Prize, and I would have said the same thing about (former President George W.) Bush,” he told PolitiFact.

But is Barack Obama really a warmonger? And does the Dalai Lama (winner, 1989) know about this?

Read the rest at  PolitiFact | Yard sign claims Barack Obama has fired more cruise missiles than any Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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