Senate Republicans to join lawsuit challenging Obama recess appointments

Senate Republicans to join lawsuit challenging Obama recess appointments

Welcome news on the merits, but I doubt Obama cares much. If he wins, then the Cordray and NLRB appointments are vindicated constitutionally, which will give him political cover to be even bolder with his executive power grabs. If he loses, then instead of whining endlessly on the campaign trail this year about the conservative “do-nothing Congress” (only half of which is controlled by conservatives, of course), he can whine about the conservative “do-nothing Congress” and the conservative courts that are allegedly rubber-stamping their obstructionism. All the more reason to re-elect him and let him appoint more judges.

Which is to say, as in all things Obama, I don’t think he cares half as much about whether these appointments are upheld as whether the politics of it works out for him. And this should work out okay no matter what happens.

Nearly 40 Senate Republicans say they will sign on to a court challenge of President Barack Obama’s appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board…

“American democracy was born out of a rejection of the monarchies of Western Europe, anchored by limited government and separation of powers,” Texas Sen. John Cornyn said in a statement. “We refuse to stand by as this president arrogantly casts aside our Constitution and defies the will of the American people under the election-year guise of defending them.”

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