Michelle Asks Crowd to Give It Up for Michelle!

First Lady Michelle Obama was in a bit of a self-congratulatory mood today, requesting and receiving applause for her work on her Let’s Move program to boost children’s health.

Speaking at Penacook Community College in Penacook, New Hampshire, Michelle began her remarks with a call for a little recognition:

You have a First Lady that understands that health, good health, is the kind of prevention that can change lives, that can change the whole status of communities.  And one of the reasons why we’re here is that New Hampshire is a model — the entire state — for what we want to see happening all across this country.  So please, let’s give another round of applause to your First Lady.  (Applause.)  Great work.  And she could not do what she does without leadership on the ground.

Later in her speech, she again referred to herself in the third person to describe the positive impact she says she is making.

You’ve got a First Lady and a Governor, fortunately, who are working to get people across this state up and walking, taking an active leadership role on this issue, getting the whole state involved, making it a priority from the very top, which is critical.

Michelle described the Let’s Move program as a “big national concept,” though it amounts basically to a familiar call to eat right and exercise.

You’re demonstrating exactly how Let’s Move can work on the ground — taking that theory, that big national concept coming out of the White House, putting it to work right here in communities.

She suggested others need her help in figuring out how to make kids healthy.

That’s why I started out by saying we all care about our kids. We just need a little guidance and direction to figure out how do we tackle these problems.

Even as she strangely commended herself, Michelle also during her remarks heaped strong praise on those in New Hampshire who are supporting her Let’s Move campaign.

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