The Road We’ve Traveled: Soporific Obama Hagiography

Here it is, the fraudulent Obama documentary. As I’ve noted, this is a new low, since the thing is a video campaign leaflet that masquerades as a documentary film.

My first takeaway after watching the this was that at 17 minutes, it works faster than a sleeping pill. It’s stultifyingly boring. I was in a stupor at the end and crawled to the pantry to get some Special K, which is loaded with B Vitamins and which I hoped would give me the energy to get into bed.

There’s little drama, no humor or lightness – this is heavy, heavy, heavy – and nothing but unfiltered worship for Obama. Narrator Tom Hanks sounds like he’s on the phone with his accountant. And whoever did the music has to stop washing down his tranquilizers with bourbon.

Bill Clinton keeps popping up for some reason, even though he played no part in the administration. I guess he’s there because he was the last Democratic president to get reelected. As always with Bubba, he can’t help inserting himself into things, saying of Obama’s decision to off Bin Laden, “I hope that’s the call I would have made.”

Elizabeth Warren also keeps materializing onscreen, I suppose as a boon to her Massachusetts Senate campaign, or because Obama feels bad he didn’t make her the permanent Consumer Czar, or because she sounds like she drank extra helpings of Obama Koolaid.

The documentary, likely a preview of the themes we’ll see in the fall, focuses most heavily on the auto bailout, killing Bin Laden, and Obamacare, a sign the campaign has decided it can’t walk away from the unpopular health law and might as well try to sell it.

Anyway, I present it for you to watch, even though I like you. Just find a good vein for an intravenous espresso drip and have a look.

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