List of 100 Black Conservative and Republican Blogs and Websites

While we are not big on identity politics, we thought it would be nice to show our support for Black Conservatives.  Give this list a view and support our large group of Black Conservatives in America.

If you know a website that should be on this list, please send us the link and information to or add it to the comments section of this story

Here is a list of Black Conservative Blogs and Websites

  1. African American Conservatives
  2. Alan Keyes
  3. Allen West
  4. Alicia Powe
  5. American Civil Rights Institute
  6. Angela McGlowan
  7. Another Black Conservative
  8. Arlenearmy’s Blog
  9. Armstrong Williams
  10. Black & Right
  11. Black And Red
  12. Black Conservative Political Action
  13. Black Conservatives, Yahoo! usergroup
  14. Black Quill And Ink
  16. Blacknright’s Weblog
  17. Booker T. Washington Inspirational Speakers – done by Booker’s great-granddaughter
  18. Booker T. Washington Society
  19. Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny (BOND)
  20. Ben Carson
  21. Ben Carson Scholars Fund
  22. Carol M. Swain
  23. Center For Neighborhood Enterprise
  24. Charles Payne
  25. Clarence Thomas
  26. Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE)
  27. Colin Powell
  28. Conservative Black Guy
  29. Congress Of Racial Equality (CORE)
  30. Conservative Black Chick
  31. Constructive Feedback
  32. Cowboy Troy
  33. Crystal Wright
  34. CT Black Republicans and Conservatives
  35. D.C. Big Pappa’s Blog
  36. David Webb
  37. Dr. Alveda King’s Blog
  38. Ellis Washington
  39. Erik Rush
  40. Fear of a Black Republican
  41. Georgia Politics Unfiltered
  42. Greg Parker
  43. High Impact Leadership Coalition
  44. Hip Hop Republican
  45. I’m Black…And I’m NOT A LIBERAL!
  46. Issues & Views
  47. J.C. Watts
  48. Joe Hicks File
  49. Jerome Hudson
  50. Joseph C. Phillips
  51. Keeping It Right
  52. Ken Blackwell
  53. La Shawn Barber’s Corner
  54. Lisa Carter
  55. Lisa Fritsch
  56. Loyal To Liberty
  57. Macho Sauce Productions
  58. Magic Negro Watch
  59. Mia Love
  60. Michelle Bernard
  61. Michael Steele
  62. Microscope On Black / Left-Wing Bias In The Web 2.0
  63. Motivation Truth
  64. My Voice On The Wings Of Change
  65. Narcissistic Views On News/Politics
  66. National Black Republican Association
  67. Natural Born Conservative
  68. Political Agenda
  69. Princella Smith
  70. Project 21
  71. Que Sera, Sera
  72. Raffi Williams
  73. Raging Elephants – Apostle Claver
  74. Rep. James White
  75. Republican Review Of America
  76. Rev. James Manning
  77. Richard Parsons
  78. S.T.A.N.D.
  79. Sandra Rose
  80. Scientia Media
  81. Senator Tim Scott
  82. Stacey Dash
  83. Stacy on the Right
  84. Star Parker
  85. The Black Informant
  86. The Black Sphere
  87. The Conservative Messenger
  88. The Cultural Strategist
  89. The Dillard Doctrine
  90. The Last Tradition
  91. The Markum Report
  92. The Minority Republican
  93. The Urban Counterculture
  94. Thomas Sowell
  95. Uncle Sam’s Cabin
  96. Viewpoints of a Sagitarrian
  98. Wayne Dupree – News Ninja
  99. Wake Up Black America
  100. What Savvy Says
  101. Young Black Conservatives, Facebook


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  1. Hello, I love this most worthy list. My name is Ron Edwards I am host of The Edwards Notebook. It is a syndicated radio commentary now aired daily on over 130 radio stations across America with more coming online in the near future. In addition I write a weekly column for and Some of my commentaries are archived on my website,

  2. Von Mccray, you are a very confused puppy. Lol. Being an American citizen means you work and earn your way up the ladder. The color of your shin is not an issue. All Americans have freedom and it’s what you do with your freedom is the issue in your individual life. Ppl like you have been lied to and you don’t understand freedom or how to make a goal into reality. Your plan is from Satan or some other idiot who is anti constitutional and communist like BO. Satan viewpoint does not like freedom, and that’s the thing that if used properly we don’t want to change in America. Freedom of the individual to advance as far as one can by building his own dream into reality. Every American and some from other lands who came here have that right. See how confused you are? Lol. Freedom is the issue. Obama need to change himself or move to Russia or China or Iran. We Christians are about to leave the Devils world and become a part of the millenial kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Where freedom will be at the maximum. Color won’t be an issue there either. Acts16 : 31 & Romans6 : 23 & Ephesians2 : 8-10 & Titus3 : 5 & 1John5 : 13 & John3 : 36 & 5 : 24 & Romans1 : 16 & 1Corinthians15 : 1-4 & Romans 10:9,10 & 1Corinthians15 : 51-53 & 1Thessalonians4 : 13 – 18.

  3. What I’m hearing you say is that blacks can think for themselves and chose the party that most accurately reflects their ideology. The left feels like blacks should vote for them, but why? Democrats give lip-service to blacks during elections and then ignore them in between elections – blacks have more an opportunity to have actual follow through on promises when blacks decide themselves between the two party system and others stay undecided. Democrats take the black vote for granted and forget about them after they cast their vote – splitting between parties actually gives blacks more political capital – without going into a long history lesson, democrats threw carrots to get blacks to keep democrats in power… They don’t really care about you. Bottom line is republican carry the same message to all Americans and that is the American dream is available to anyone who wants it – democrats think you can’t think for yourself and must take care of minorities because they know better. This list of black conservatives have rejected that and have returned to the party who fought for their freedoms to begin with. Affirmative action – GOP, Earned income credit- GOP, a higher percentage of republicans voted for the civil rights act. It was democrats who tried to filibuster – and if you use the lie that the parties switched – why did Robert Bird (who tried to filibuster) and Al Gore sr not become Republicans – and as far a Johnson… He said he did this do he could have Ni**ers voting Democrat for the next hundred years – you have been duped and the list above has returned to the party that was there for them in the beginning and is there for them now – senator Scott in SC is a fine example of becoming the first Black Republican Senator in SC since reconstruction… Where the black politicians were all black… So your little argument has no merit and MSNBC and the Daily Kos has mislead you

  4. How many of these black conservatives have been in the storm? Almost all, if not all! What is it about conservatives that attract them? That’s the question I’d like an answer to.

  5. These would-be-black conservatives certainly don’t stand for anything black or anything meaningful for blacks. When the definition of the word ‘conservative’ is absorbed, one could only imagine how any black would want things to stay as they are. They’re nothing more than a prop for whites in the mold of, ‘please like me, I don’t like being black.’ Ones that deny being who they are can never be comfortable within their bodies or mind…they are confused.

    The common core with these blacks is that most of them are college-degreed. Perhaps they were taught in college that they are not black. Or perhaps their college degree freed them from being black. Somewhere within their parents’ heart, there must be deep disappointment in their off-springs.

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