We are the RIGHT Side of the WEB Politisite.com

We are the RIGHT Side of the WEB Politisite.com

The Peoples Choice for over seven years for all Columbia County Conservatives.

Columbia County History

Columbia County was created on Dec. 10, 1790 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1790, p. 9). The new county was created from northern portions of Richmond County after backcountry residents petitioned the legislature for a more convenient location for court sessions than Augusta. Originally, this area had been settled by Quakers who refused to fight in the Revolutionary War. Georgia抯 12th county was named for Christopher Columbus.

Columbia County Politics has always been exciting. Nearly twenty years ago our county was completely controlled by the Democratic party. Today, Columbia County is one of the most Conservative Counties in Georgia!! Join us in keeping our County, District, State, and Nation a Conservative Stronghold for the future of America!!  Support  our Representative Standard Bearers, United States Congressman Charlie Norwood, Georgia Senator Joey Brush, Representative Ben Harbin, and Barry Fleming Your at  the political medium of the Future,  Politisite.com SM

Protect our natural resources

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Note: The Columbia Country (Georgia) Republican Party website can be found here – http://www.ccgagop.org/

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Albert Milliron is the founder of Politisite. Milliron has been credentialed by most major news networks for Presidential debates and major Political Parties for political event coverage. Albert maintains relationships with the White House and State Department to provide direct reporting from the Administration’s Press team. Albert is the former Public Relations Chairman of the Columbia County Republican Party in Georgia. He is a former Delegate. Milliron is a veteran of the US Army Medical Department and worked for Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Psychiatry.

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