Its SLOW good to see John Heinz-Kerry Drop in the Polls

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Anticipation is making me Wait

John Heinz Kerry, “I have a Plan, “I have a Plan, “I have a Plan”, I have a Plan” He stated, “I have a Plan” 37 times in his last last debate…. What Plan?

Anticipation is making me wait to find out what, “The Plan” is.

News Brief

It Figures

On the Left, Democratic National Committee Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, stated in a press conference, that John Kerry spent two tours in Vietnam. That would make each tour two months in duration. “It just goes to show that the Top man at the DNC doesn’t even know how long a tour is”, Said Vietnam Veteran, Ronald Shelby of Augusta Georgia, who really spent two tours in Vietnam from 1968-1969 (11months) and 1970-1971 (11 months).

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