Mitt Romney Announces in Columbia SC

IMNS– February 14 2007 1314UTC-Columbia SC-Pro-Life, States Rights, Conservative across the board in recent years, These are the issues in South Carolina, often described as the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Conservative voters here will be the first in the South to vote in the GOP presidential primary next year.

In the Republican Field he is one of the true Fiscal and Social Conservatives along with Gov. Huckabee of AR. These two will both have a major impact on southern voters. The one issue that has southerners worried, Hes a Mormon. The recent past has shown that a Mormon has difficulty in republican circles. Orin Hatch made a run and had dismal public opinion numbers, although he was right on all of the major republican issues.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. There is no religious test for a presidential candidate. It seems as though we are back to 1960 when a young Roman Catholic successfully bridged the gap. President Kennedy was revered by both Republicans and Democrats a president that has been a litmus test for who processes the abilities and the Gravitas to become our next president.

Albert N. Milliron
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