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           <b><span>               CHUCK'S FOR HUCK<br></span></b></p><div><b><span>               Chuck Norris shows                support for Mike                <span>Huckabee</span></span></b><br></div><p><b><span>               By Albert . <span>Milliron</span><br></span></b>

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           <p> </p>               <p>ST. <span>PETERSBURG</span>,                Florida, November 28,                2007 1957 (<span>UTC</span>) <span>IMNS</span> &                <span>Politisite</span>.com) --On a                stormy night, in St.               <span>               <span>Petersburg</span></span>,                Florida, the long                awaited               <span>               CNN <span>YouTube</span></span>                Republican debate is                about to begin. The VIPs                and Candidates arrived                one hour ago from their                various hotels and                villas around the Tampa                Bay area. Familiar faces                from all around the               <span>               news world</span>                appeared one by one.                One, Carl Cameron, Chief                Political               <span>               Correspondent</span>                from Fox News looked                like he had a thousand                foot or more restraining                order as his tent and                crew were far off in                front of the Progress                Energy Arts Center away                from most other media. I                was able to speak to                Carl for a few minutes.                Carl is very respected                in political news                circles as most                knowledgeable on the                candidates. I usually                don't interview news                folks but he is an                exception to the rule as                one could learn a great                deal from him. Carl has                access granted only to                the top tear               <span>               professionals</span>.                The writer, a former                Public Relations Chair                of our political party,               <span>               decided</span> to ask                the hard questions.                "Carl, Which candidate                serves the best food"?                Carl grinned, "I don't                eat with the                Candidates". Well the                tough question gone. I                really thought we could                gain insight on which                candidate               <span>               wooed</span> folks in                with food. If you are on                a diet forget going to                Debates, even the news                folks get feed well. CNN                /               <span>               <span>YouTube</span></span> get kudos                for the best food here                in St. Pete as well as                in Charleston the last                debate I attended. That                aside, the debate about                to begin, I noticed in                the front row, Chuck                Norris, who recently cut                a video in support of                second Tear Gov. Mike                <span>Huckabee</span> of Arkansas.</p>               <p> </p>               <p> </p>               <p>Gov <span>Huckabee</span>                presented better then in                any previous debate.                 He was clear, concise,                and provided pointed                answers to the questions                presented to him.                 When asked by a Video                question about the Death                Penalty and what Jesus                would do, he related                that Jesus was smart                enough to never run for                public office.                 Gov. <span>Huckabee</span> a former                Baptist preacher                certainly knows how to                throw out one liners.                 It is almost a                <span>pre</span>-requisite in                Seminary to develop                sermons that can hold an                audience.  The                audience roared and                according to electronic                real-time polling                provided the highlight                of the debate.</p>               <p> </p>               <p> </p>               <p>Later, in the Spin                room, Gov. <span>Huckabee</span> and                Congressman Ron Paul                were the only candidates                to arrive in the spin                room.  Carl Cameron                of Fox News related to                me earlier in the day                that this is a rather                new phenomena starting                in 1996 when one of the                candidates had a                frustrating debate and                decided to follow-up                with reporter in the                spin room which is                usually set aside for                the spin masters and the                candidates Campaign                Managers and Media                Relations Specialists.                 Bay <span>Buchannan</span> was there                touting Tom <span>Tancredo's</span>                win, in that, the                candidates for the first                time had several                questions about                immigration, Tom                <span>Tancredo's</span> single most                important issue.</p>               <p> </p>               <p> </p>               <p>The big surprise was                the arrival of Actor                Chuck Norris and his                wife, former model Gena                <span>O'Kelley</span>.  Chuck an                American martial artist,                action star, and                Hollywood actor who is                most well known for                playing Cordell "Cord"                Walker on Walker, Texas                Ranger, his training                with Bruce Lee and for                his ironically tough                image.  Chuck is                one of the few political                conservatives in                Hollywood and has                recently endorsed Gov.                Mike <span>Huckabee</span>.</p>               <p> </p>               <p> </p>               <hr><p> </p>               <p>               <b><span>               INTERVIEW WITH CHUCK                NORRIS</span></b></p>               <p> </p>               <p><span>Politisite</span>.com and                Iron Mill New Service                had an exclusive                interview with Mr.,                Norris.  Prior to                the interview, I pulled                out a small silver Olympus                Digital recorder.                 When Chuck saw this                object I thought I was                going to be dropped                kicked as it could have                been mistaken for a                small gun.  When I                shared it was a digital                recorder then he chuckled.                Most of the equipment around                us was massive and old                school.                 I didn't realize my                Olympus <span>WS</span>-100 could be                viewed as anything but a                recording devise.                 But with Chuck Norris as                the interviewee, I may                do well using a black                large recorder.</p>               <p> </p>               <p> </p>               <p>               <img src="" align="left" border="0" height="156" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="100"><span>Politisite</span>.com- Chuck,                Why is Gov. <span>Huckabee</span>                your Guy?<br><br>              Norris -I just think he                has the leadership                ability and the                intelligence to lead our                country into the next                generation. I have done                a lot of research on the                other candidates. and he                pops to the top as the                man I feel leader that                can lead our county.<br><br><span>Politisite</span>.com- Is it                because he is a                Christian?<br><br>              Norris -No, No it has                nothing to do with it,                Romney is a Christian,                and John McCain is a                strong Christian,                they're all Christians.               <br><br><br><span>Politisite</span>.com - So what                did you look for?<br><br>              Norris- what I am                looking for is a man                with leadership ability                and a man that can lead                us prosperity and                peaceably into the                future and I really                believe Mike <span>Huckabee</span> is                that man.<br><br><span>Politisite</span>.com -In past                debates I have covered I                noticed he was not                getting the media                coverage the other                candidates received. But                just look at him today                (media around Mike 6                rows on all sides)<br><br>              Norris -I'll tell you he                is a very sharp guy and                if people would just                check him out I think                they will feel the same                way I do that he is the                man to lead our county.<br><br><span>Politisite</span> -<span>Politisite</span>                wrote and article                looking at him as a                viable alternative to                the top tier but few                know who Mike was.<br><br>              Norris -Me either, you                know how I found out                about him? Two boys on a                website called               <a href="">               the <span>Rebelution</span></a>, two                twins, the Harris twins                wrote me on my email and                said check out Mike                <span>Huckabee</span> we are support                him for president. I was                like everyone else, I                didn't know who mike                <span>Huckabee</span> was so I                started checking him out                and I began to realize                that this is the man who                could really lead us in                our county. Believe me I                did allot of research on                all of the candidates                before I made a choice.                That is why I am here                tonight.<br><br><span>Politisite</span>.com- Since                you are one of the few                conservative voices in                Hollywood I am sure you                were very careful before                making a stand for a                candidate.<br><br>              Norris - Yes, I did, and                I am making a stand for                Mike <span>Huckabee</span>.<br><br><span>Politisite</span>.com - Thank                You Very Much<br><br>              Norris -Thank You </p>e

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