South Carolina Venue Cant Hold Oprah

South Carolina Venue Can’t Hold Oprah

By Albert N. Milliron

           <h1>               <span>               <img src="" border="0" height="315" width="300"></span></h1>               COLUMBIA, South                Carolina (IMNS &       --<span>Oprah                hasn't gone off her diet                or stopped meeting with                her personal trainer,                she is still as slim and                attractive as always But                in Columbia South                Carolina there is                nothing better then the                Big O. Yesterday, the                Obama campaign announced                it had to move the event                from Colonial Center,                which seats about                18,000, to                Williams-Brice Stadium                at the University of                South Carolina, which                has a capacity of more                than 80,000. Since the                South Carolina Game                Cocks season is over, it                will be filled with                Senator Obama Supporters                looking for a glimpse of                the self made former                welfare recipient Oprah                Winfrey.<br><br>              Since the time has come                for the Political Camps                to show their Hollywood                and Star support, Oprah                came out for Obama.                While Senator Clinton                gets Barbara Streisand,                and on the Republican                side, Gov. Mike Huckabee                gets a kick to his                campaign by Chuck                Norris. Chuck went going                on the Campaign Trail                and showing up in the                Spin Room of the CNN /                YouTube Republican                Debate in St Petersburg,                Florida.<br><br>              Who is the better                endorser? Lets ask a few                questions, which                supporter is more like                America? Oprah. Which                Supporter has come from                difficult times and                understands what its                like to struggle                financially, physically,                and emotionally? Oprah.                Which Supporter comes in                to homes on a daily                basis and crosses all                racial, ethnic, and                religious lines? Oprah.<br><br>              Why is an 18000 seat                stadium not enough?                Oprah. Senator Obama was                having difficulty with                voting age woman. I                expect with the recent                polls that is in the                past.<br><br>     and Iron                Mill News Service                Reporters will be there                to relate to you, its                all about the "O"</span>

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  1. Do you really think that Obama has a chance in the south… We just might have to secede again if that son-bitch gets elected. South Carolina ain’t for him, get wallace out of the tomb and lets have a real presidential candidate that is not clandestine.

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