Alan Keyes needs to answer the question then SHUT up!

Alan Keyes is my friend. I voted for him in 1996. He is a strict constitutionalist and Christian. He is very pro-life. He has so much to offer this county. One of Alan’s biggest problems is he doesn’t know when to shut up. Politicians in General keep me screaming, “JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION”!!! What is wrong with a yes or no answer? Alan should have been in more of the debates. I hate our system that allows only those who raised a large amount of money or are on the ballot in 20 sates etc. Getting on the Ballot in South Carolina costs about 20,000 dollars. So only the elite get to run. Then with such a small yearly payout we don’t get the best and brightest. Mitt Romney is the only one of have seen who comes from big business with a successful outcome. Duncan Hunter is also very intelligent but is is in the lower tier.

Back to my early statement, Alan shut up, and other candidates how about a yes or no answer to questions that require such.

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