Last Debate in Iowa before the Caucus

In a few moments the gloves will come off and all barrels will be aimed at former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. My understanding is that Alan Keyes will take part in the debate as well. This is an unconfirmed report. I am not in Iowa for this debate as I cover mostly politics in the south. We are viewing our satellite feed.

Gov Huckabee in a recent Real Clear Politics average is up ten points over the nearest candidate. I see Frank Luntz will be using his real time dial with Undecided Republicans and Moderates. Frank Snubed me in St. Pete. Either he was extremely busy or he didn’t wish to answer questions from a small news organization. I was surprised as he appears so approachable on television. Fox may have Mr. Luntz data streaming across the screen. I like this approach and glad Fox will utilize this method.

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