Ron Paul gets poor ratings

Congressman Ron Paul according to the Luntz realtime poll is getting poor numbers with his dire outlook on the United States. My perspective is that debate attendees are more mainstream and the folks who agree more with Ron Paul are probably outside protesting.

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  1. Well, I am a republican and I agree with Ron Paul on many things, but some things make him unelectable to many repubublicans. His outcry attacking Bush on the Iraq War has hurt him with conservatives. If he had done it in a less hateful manner he might have been more successful. Also, he seems to be obsessed with the Constitution. Though I agree it is something America should fight for I think that he is going to far. I have heard him say that Lincoln was a tyrant. While many Republicans are for state rights, they are not for Lincoln losing the Civil War. Lincoln had his issues, but he was no tyrant.

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