Democratic Debate in Iowa

Following the republican debate yesterday all I could say, while I remained awake was ho hum. Todays debate seemed better over all. Fox news made a change that I applaud. They left the Luntz graph on during the entire debate process. As I reviewed them I put Sen Edwards as first, Sen Obama as second, and Sen. Clinton as third, and Gov Richardson as Forth. If this is correct Sen. Edwards has a better chance then I thought of winning in Iowa.

I was surprised that the candidates received some of the same questions. The moderator appeared to be better in her performance.

I thought it was very admirable that Sen Obama made a statement about Sen. Biden’s commitment to racial equality. This was in reference to the supposed raciest remark he made about him. As I reviewed this in the last week I have heard more then five commenter’s calling a white man articulate. I am not sure why a statement to a black man should be considered negative when the same statement to a white man is considered a complement.

I am a conservative but I enjoyed this debate more then the republican debate.

Having watched Frank Luntz in his post debate review, I have noticed I disagree with his analysis almost every time. I expect the same today. Who is correct, I am not sure, but I do think Frank has a hidden agenda.

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