Why Won’t Huckabee go Negative?

The Fix by Chris Chilizza Washington Post political blog has fixed himself on the question, “Why won’t Huckabee go negative”. The writer posted the following to the blog http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/

I think it is political genius to not roll over and go negative. The media loves a good fight and in my political experience it is much better not to respond to your opponents negativity. Iowa especially is not a go negative state. Most newbies to the political arena go negative there and walk away realizing they beat up themselves. Huckabee’s momentum has caused his funds last month to be all of the former 9 months combined. Huckabee has lost a bit here in South Carolina as Romney and another organization have put large sums of money into negative advertising. Rasmussen’s new poll here show a dead heat with both Romney and Huckabee at 23%. Romney is up 5 points while Huckabee is down 2 from the last poll in early December. Instead of going negative Huckabee runs a, “Merry Christmas” add. The media will be off the subject and start talking about Huckabee’s Christmas ad instead. The moral high ground is the best place to view the race.

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