Huckabee and Romney Flip – Flop in South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina, December 20, 2007 (IMNS & – Just one week ago a Rasmussen Poll had Governor Huckabee and Governor Romney in a statistical dead heat with both candidates at 23% from the last poll taken December 3rd.


CBS just released a Poll taken around the same time period Has Huckabee in a clear lead at 28% with 33% of these votes calling themselves weekly church attendees and 21% calling themselves conservatives. Romney is a 20% with 17% of these voters coming from weekly church attendees and 21% calling themselves conservatives. Giuliani comes out with 12% where the Rasmussen Poll had him at 11%, McCain with 11% Rasmussen was 12%, and 10% for Thompson where Rasmussen had him a 12%.


The Poll made some additional observations on who voters think is most electable. Giuliani and Romney are seen as the most electable country wide where Huckabee and McCain are seen as having the same values as South Carolina Voters. Romney enjoys a 31% positive view of Mormons.


Immigration is reported at the top issue. In previous polls Iraq and the economy was considered the most important issue. With the surge working in Iraq, voters appear to be more conformable with Iraq as an issue.


CBS reports that 7 out of 10 voters could change their minds prior to the primary which is about a month away.


Based upon this poll voters should be aware that looking at polling averages and what issues are prevalent in the media could change the outcome of the race. Huckabee enjoys a continued surge based upon the Real Clear Politics Averages.

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