Liberals Read More Books? Does, "Green Eggs and Ham", Count?

Liberals Read More Books

Albert N. Milliron- September 24th 2007 (IMNS & Columbia, SC- Thursday, August 23, 2007- When you compare the number of books a political group reads, it means nothing! A poll on the number of words or content might be of interest. So if a liberal reads, “The Cat in the Hat” and the conservative reads, “The Bible” that counts as one book.This poll reminds me of the story were a liberal was in a bike race, when he got home to his family, he related that he came in second place and his Rival came in next to last. What the liberal forgot to share was there were only two people in the race. It would be good for readers, since liberals read more books, to read, “Statistics and Damn Lies”.

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