Edwards Wins Iowa 

Politisite Political Predictions for the Iowa Caucus Tonight Jan 3rd, 2008.

Huckabee Wins Iowa

Politisite Political Predictions for the Iowa Caucus Tonight Jan 3rd, 2008.

Politisite Political Predictions for the Iowa…

Politisite Political Predictions for
the Iowa Caucus Tonight Jan 3rd, 2008.

The Iowa Caucus is the most difficult of all of the states to
predict.  Since a candidate must have 15% of the vote to
qualify, last minute changes occur.  If Dodd or Biden get 10%
of the folks they will have to caucus with their second
choice. The second choice is often encouraged by the candidate they supported as their
first choice.
Iowa is about being in front of the people.  The folks want
to get a few things as well.  Some folks are getting their
driveways shoveled and their children watched for the evening in turn
for a vote.  
Money is a big part of The Iowa Caucuses.  Governor Romney
has spent more than 6 million dollars there.  Which candidate
has the best food? Gives the best gifts?  Who gives rides to the
Caucus center?   Who will watch your children? Sound like buying
an election?  In part it is,  this is Iowa and it is the
launching pad for candidates to go to the next state and continue to
campaign for the nomination or its time to go home. 

Here are my predictions for the Iowa Caucus:

 Republican Party:
1. Gov. Mike Huckabee
2. Sen. John McCain
3. Gov. Mitt Romney
4. Sen. Fred Thompson 
Duncan Hunter will drop out following Iowa. 
Ron Paul will get 5 to 11% But will Continue to campaign. 
Giuliani Gets 7 % and his folks go to McCain
Democratic Party
1. Sen John Edwards
2. Barak Obama
3. Hillary Clinton
4. Gov. Richardson
Sen. Dodd will drop out
Sen Biden will Go to NH.
Real Clear Politics 

  1. Huckabee
  2. McCain
  3. Thompson 


  1. Obama
  2. Clinton
  3. Edwards
  4. Richardson

Evans-Novak Political Report

1st Place: Mitt Romney
2nd Place: Mike

3rd Place: Fred

4th Place: John

1st Place: Barack Obama
2nd Place: John

3rd Place: Hillary

4th Place: Bill

So in the end will it be Politisite.com , Realclearpolitics.com,
or Evans & Novak?
I will report the results Late tonight since it is now Jan 3.
This election will be over in the USA the night of Feb 5th.  
Next elections in January are
WY Jan 5th 
NH Jan 8th
MI Jan 15th
SC GOP, NV Jan 19th 
SC Dem’s Jan 26th
FL Jan 29 
Politisite will be Credentialed Media for the following presidential debates
Jan 10th Myrtle Beach, SC Fox News Republican Debate with Brit Hume
Jan 16th NPR / ETV Debate Columbia, SC
Jan 21st Congressional Black Caucus / CNN Democratic Debate  Myrtle Beach, SC 
Jan 24th Floria Atlantic University / MSNBC Debate
Tell me your Iowa Caucus predictions?  I want to hear from you! 

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