Man Charged in Missing Hiker Case, Status changed to, "Search and Recovery Operation"

Gary Hilton Charged with Kidnapping with Bodily Injury in Missing Georgia Hiker Case.  Status Changed to Search and Recovery

by Albert N. Milliron, 

(Union County, GA-) – Georgia Bureau of Investigation
spokesman related to reporters moments ago that they do not
believe that Meredith Emerson is no longer Alive. Gary Hilton is
being transferred to Union County Jail as Superior Court Judge issued
an arrest warrant charging Hilton with Kidnapping with Bodily Injury.
GBI is now calling this a “Search and Recovery” Operation
which is what law enforcement say to press when they have evidence
that the victim is probably deceased.

The search was suspended early Saturday
evening as will continue early Sunday Morning according to police..
Along with police and Search and Rescue (SAR) officers, . more than
one hundred people were searching for Miss Emerson today. The police
thanks the Family, searchers, and those who provided leads that
resulted in the arrest of Gary Hilton.

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Man Charged in Missing Georgia Woman Case.  Status Changed to Search and Recovery Gary Hilton Charged with Kidnapping with Bodily Ha

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  1. I agree. The man probably used his dog to distract Meredith’s dog. Some people are saying she should not have been hiking alone, but she wasn’t., she took her dog a breed that is very protective to it’s owner.
    This man is probably a serial criminal that has developed a MO over rthe years. I should say the alleged.. so I have said it for journalism sake, The alleged Man who is charged with Kidnapping with bodly ijury based on things they have recovered from his Van.

  2. If this man did her harm or worse, then the law must make sure he is locked up for life.
    We have had enough of these perverts.
    Get tough.
    George Vreeland Hill

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