Obama Leads by 10 in New Hampshire as new poll shocks Clinton camp

Obama-mania in New Hampshire as new poll shocks Clinton camp
By David Usborne in Milford, New Hampshire

Published: 06 January 2008

Senator Barack Obama has been catapaulted by his Iowa victory into a sensational lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, just three days before the state’s primary on Tuesday. The national pollster, Rasmussen Reports, which had Mr Obama trailing Mrs Clinton by three points just a few weeks ago, now gives him a lead of 10 per cent.

The Republican poll has Senator John McCain improving his position against Mitt Romney and now holding a five-point lead.

A foretaste of the way the wind is blowing here for the Clinton camp came on Friday night. Just over 3,000 activists of the New Hampshire Democratic Party gathered in an indoor sports hall in the city of Milford to listen to their candidates for the presidential nomination. Not the sort of folk to rush the stage or indulge in boos.

For months, Mrs Clinton has led polls here and has seemed unassailable. Yet, anyone attending the party’s “100 Club” dinner here will surely know she faces a possible mincing on Tuesday thanks to one man.

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