Update: Missing Woman, Meredith Emerson, Gary Hilton held by Police on Unrelated Charges

 Update: Missing Woman, Meredith Emerson,  Gary Hilton held by Police on Unrelated Charges
Update 4: Jan 5, 2008, 1645 EST Albert N. Milliron
Meredith Emerson Missing Hiker
Gary Hilton is being held by police on outstanding bench warrants giving police the ability to interview him without charging him with a crime related to Meredith Emerson. Union county Police and Georgia Bureau of Investigation have expanded search area.
UPDATE 3: Jan 4th 11PM EST  Woman’s Dog Found in Cumming, Georgia at a Kroger shopping Center, Police are seeking the store video tape to see if Gary Hilton was there.  Some personal effects where found but have not been linked with Meredith Emerson. Earlier on Friday, Gary Hilton was found in NorthEast  Atlanta.  From Blairsville one well used scenic route to Atlanta would take you right through Cumming Georgia which  is 40 Miles  Northeast of Atlanta


Jan 4th As of 9pm EST  ”Person of Interest”  Gary Hilton found in North East Atlanta.  He is being questioned by the police.  Search Continues for Meredith Emerson in the North Georgia Mountains near Blairsville.

Update 1.:  Jan 3, 2007 20:07
GBI LOOKING FOR 2000 or 2001 white minivan with a Georgia Tag  
Tipline is 706-439-6038
Having lived in Georgia from 1994-2006 we had a cabin near this trail in north Georgia.  Very close to Clayton and Hiawassee Georgia near the NC border 

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