WHAT ABOUT WYOMING ? Republican Caucus Gets Snubbed UPDATED: Final Results

WHAT ABOUT WYOMING ? Republican Primary Gets Snubbed

    By Albert N. Milliron

CHEYENNE, Wyoming (Politisite.com) – The chairwoman of the Wyoming Republican Party, Amy Larimer , says she’s disappointed that the presidential candidates along with the press have all but forgotten about the Republican Caucus in her state on Friday, January 5th 2008. As soon as the Iowa caucuses were over every Republican candidate jumped right to New Hampshire. All is not lost as Governor Romney while still in Iowa said his sons would be traveling to Wyoming to campaign on his behalf while he campaigned in New Hampshire. Duncan Hunter’s wife would also be campaigning for her husband as she grew up in Wyoming. . Duncan Hunter was the last of three presidential candidates, to visit the state over a month ago.

Amy Larimer further related, to a small group of press, that Wyoming is being overlooked. “There is a lot at stake here, the first delegates to the RNC will be chosen on Friday before any other state.”

Wyoming took a big risk moving its primary date and were penalized of half its delegates by the Republican National Committee because it moved its date before Feb. 5 . Wyoming was trying to be more influential in the race to the Presidency as the first representative in the West. Each section of the country is represented early on with Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, and South Carolina. The west wasn’t represented until a full month later. Nevada also made the move to January 19th this year. With the move it appears that Wyoming is getting even less attention than in previous elections.

What About Polling in Wyoming

There are no Public Polling reports that we could find anywhere! Politisite checked with Zogby, Rasmussen, Real Clear Politics, and USA Survey. NOTHING Nada ! Really!


From Wikipedia.com

Wyoming is predominantly conservative and politically Republican. There are only two reliably Democratic counties. In the 2004 presidential election, George W. Bush won his second-largest victory, with 69% of the vote. Current Vice President Dick Cheney is a Wyoming resident and represented the state in Congress from 1979 to 1989.   Despite Wyoming’s clear preference for Republicans in national offices, Democrats have held the governorship for all but eight years since 1975. Governor Dave Freudenthal was elected in 2002 and has one of the highest approval ratings of any governor in the USA. Wyoming in 2006 reelected incumbent Republican Congresswoman Barbara Cubin by just over 1,200 votes.

Politisite Political Predictions

I Feel like I am in Vegas. Let me roll the dice with a basic understanding of statistical data. Laugh at me now or later. I am asking you to do the same. What are YOUR predictions for Wyoming?

  1. Gov Mike Huckabee 27%,  2.  Mitt Romney 24%,  3. Duncan Hunter 13%,  4. Sen Fred Thompson 12%

Election Results:

Last Updat 6:45 pm EST

Romney clear winner in Wyoming with a massive 70%.  Politisite’s Predictions Blasted.  ” With Huckabees big win in Iowa and demographics pretty much the same as Iowa, I thought Wyoming would follow suit.  Romney sent two of his ve sons and Hunter sent his wife, I knew this would play well with the Caucus.”

Romney  7 Delegates,  Thompson Gets 3 Delegates, and Hunter gets 1 Delegate


4:09pm EST  

Gov. Mitt Romney 50% percent. Sen. Duncan Hunter  21% percent, and Sen. Fred Thompson, 17% 

3:20pm EST Jan 5, 2007

With 70% of the Caucus results in Romney ahead, Hunter second, an the rest of the field have no delegates.  As we reported last night we had Huckabee first , We were concidering his win in Iowa, He never visited the state however,  We had Romney Second, and Hunter Third.   We reported that Gov. Romney sent two of his sons.  Duncan Hunter was the last to visit the state.  His wife who lived in the state went to campaign in his behalf. 

Fox News is reporting that the Majority Mormon population in the Southeast have not reported. 

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WHAT ABOUT WYOMING ? Republican Primary Gets Snubbed KTWO-WY Reports On "Rally For Romney" Mitt Romney

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