Elect your Favorite Furry Feline: True New Hampshire fashion, the voice of the people decide

In true New Hampshire fashion, we will rely on the voice of the people to decide who will rule Mount Washington.
Since the earliest days of the Mount Washington Observatory in the 1930’s, felines have accompanied the men and women who have served as weather observers atop Mount Washington. Despite bitter cold, freezing fog, heavy snow and legendary wind, these cats have helped to make the remote mountaintop weather station feel a little more like home. Over the years, a number of cats have patrolled the Observatory. Nin, the famous cat who served as the Observatory’s pet and mascot for the last dozen years, vacated his post on December 26, 2007.

The story of Nin’s retirement captured the attention of the nation, making its way to newspapers, television shows and websites across the country and around the world in the days that followed his final trip down the mountain. From coast to coast, the story of Mount Washington’s extreme weather cat touched the hearts of thousands of people.

More importantly, Nin’s retirement has left the door open for a new cat to make its mark, taking over as New Hampshire’s top cat.

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Jungle Panther Orangey

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