Live Blog From Republican Debate in Myrtle Beach, SC T -2 hours

7:07 –  T Minus 2 hours until the debate.  The big buzz out there right now is about Bill Richardson dropping out of the race.  Many of the folks I chat with are saying the samething as I did.  Governor Richradson is really running for Secratary of State or Vice President.  He didn’t endorse any candidate, so he is leaving his options open.  The other chatter is about Senator John Kerry endorsing Senator Obama.  This must have been a Blow to Sentator Edwards who was his running mate for President / Vice-President in 2004.  Remember the Kerry Edwards stickers 4 years ago?  How do you come back from that?  Other chatter arund here is about Governor Romney pulling all his ads from South Carolina and Florida.  Radio station WBT from Charlotte, NC was broadcasting live about 4 tables from me.  The talk was about the Romney ads.  He is all in on Mich.  Fred Thompson was on the radio while I was drive in on Hannities America.  He is a calm cool guy who doesn’t speak in sound bits, so the media doesn’t play him well.  People from the south take thier time and share the story.  In the Northeast, people can talk about the whole day in one southern sentence.  Thompson is said to watch 60 minutes in about an hour and a half.  People like him here, but he has to get his message across in 60 seconds.  So thats the 2 hours before post.

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