Live Blog: S.C. Republican Debate – New Spin Room Photos: Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Thompson, Hannity, Colmes

Live Blog: S.C. Republican Debate – New Spin Room Photos: Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Thompson, Hannity, Colmes

by politisite | January 10, 2008 at 05:22 pm | 968 views | 13 comments

Ron Pauls Blimp is not an urban legend after all - Live Blog: S.C. Republican Debate
This is a Live Blog of the Republican debate taking place in Myrtle Beach. I will be updating this post in real time. If you have any questions about the debate post them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.
Jan 11, 2008 – Albert N. Milliron – I have uploaded photos from the Debate photo op. I have also uploaded photos of the Front Runners : McCain, Romney, Giuliani, and Thompson. See Ron Pauls Blimp and a few extras. Enjoy
11:25 – Oh I forgot to mention the Tyler, TX question. Gov Huckabee smiled. Tell us what a a MeetUp group is. We want to know. Remember the News is NowPublic
11:16 – I just returned from the spin room. I have photos of Fred Thompson, Rudy Guiliani, John MCain, Mitt Romney. I spoke With Sentator Graham of Sc who is supportin John McCain as he did in the 2004 election. Senator Demint of Soouth Carolina was here as well he is supporting Gov. Mitt Romney. I chatted with Carl Cameron from Fox News for a couple of minutes. I chatted with Fred Thompson for a micro second. One thing, in the spin room the early bird gets the worm. You have to be quick and not get caught up in what others re doing. This has netted me a personal interview with the candidates each time. I did say Hello to Gov. Huckabee and told him to hang in there. All barrels are in his direction. I will post some of the photos before I leave. Give them a look. I don’t have a great dea of time to review them I will do that later on. Please post your comments and let me know if this was of any value to you. Your feedback both good and bad is all good. Have a great night from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They will be available on NowPublic for your stories. Enjoy the photos.
10:33 – I will be heading to the spin room. I will be back for quick follow-up. I encourge you to post your feedback about this live blog experiment. I have to run
10:31 –

Romney attacks McCain at Republican debate

Thu Jan 10, 2008 9:52pm EST

10:26 – Here is what the AP is saying about tonight, oh, by the way, she’s sitting two rows in front of me.

Republicans Debate Taxes, Spending

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (AP) — Republican presidential rivals backed a blend of tax and spending cuts Thursday night to head off an election-year recession they generally agreed is avoidable. debate
“We should reduce taxes on middle-income Americans immediately,” former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said in a debate in the run-up to presidential primaries in Michigan and South Carolina.
“The first thing is not to raise taxes,” said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. “Cut the marginal tax rate, if anything, and eventually go to a fair tax,” he added, referring to his plan for a national sales tax to replace the income tax.
Arizona Sen. John McCain stressed spending cuts to get the budget deficit under control, although he also said it was important not to let Bush administration-era tax cuts expire. He pledged to “wield the veto pen” and block all pork barrel spending bills that Congress sends him.
While the debate was held in South Carolina, the Michigan primary will be held first, a contest in which Romney, Huckabee and McCain are the principal antagonists. It’s unlikely all of them can survive a defeat there, particularly a third-place finish.

10:20 – A little tidbit about Ron Paul, He is a gentle, sweet man outside of the Debate forum. Paul wins the yard sign poll again. Next Romney, then Huckabee. Ron Paul supporters have put in a great deal. He has brought together strange bedfelloews, from 911 Truth, Anarchists, and Libertarans mkes up about 7-10% of the vote.
10:19 – Carl Cameron, my friend, took a shot at Ron Paul, very inappropriate.
10:17 – Who gets the religious questions? Make Christians out to be knuckle dragging idiots. What do you think, Why is religious questions reserved for Republicans?
10:12 – I am blogging live from Myrtle Beach, SC at the Republican Debate. In twenty mintues I will be going o the spin room to interview the candidates. If you have any questions for the candidates, let me know and, I will ask them. I will then post the audio responces. Tis is your chance to get right to the candidate. NowPUblic has made this possible. You are the Citizen Journalist, what would you ask?
10:10 – Governing from a state level is not life governing from a federal level. Taxes should be raised at the loal level, but not the federal level. How about get the money as close to the voters as possible.
10:06 – In America, can a President guarantee, change? Don’t we have co-equal branches of government? Doesn’t congress make the laws and the president just sign them?
10:05 – Change, Change, Change
10:00 – I think Ron Paul Made the Pro Israel statements because he has recently been called a racist and anti-Semite due to his views
9:47 – If you would like to comment, use the comments section of this post.
9:38 – We re in a break. I was working on some photos to upload. I may have to wait until later. Which candidate has the correct view for America’s future?9:10 – One NowPublic mindanarchist readers asked the following : I think it’s really cool that you have access to this event, power to the people!
1) I’d like you to ask why Republican Christian values don’t naturally result in an environmental sensitivity?
2) Once we win the war in Iraq, what is the next step in the war on terror? So many foreign policy bridges have been burnt it feels like the US is globally isolated so what are we going to do?
Thanks so much! – mindanarchist those are great questions. Why do Republicans who say they have Christian Values not environmentaly sensitive. I will ask Gov Houckabee that question. I think your right to as that question where Republicans are equated with not caring about what happens to mother earth. A christian has been left in control of the earth and should be careful how we use it. The good thing is there are Green Republicans and many of them are because, they are Christian’s” There is a few of us out there. Do you want me to ask Gov Huckabee that questionI think we should be careful who we invade. Ron Paul has it right here our spreading Democracy world wide has made us enemies reather than friends. Any others?
9:00 – Play Ball – I just got back from in the venue where they give photographers an operturnity to take photos. My photo Journalist was unable to make it so I went down there myself. I will be uploading what I have during the evening.
8:21 – If you didn’t catch my story about Live blogging, check out to see what we have planned.
8:12 – The Giuliani Campaign is taking advise from Romney

Giuliani says bye bye to South Carolina….

Myrtle Beach, SC — The Giuliani campaign has also moved all of it’s paid staff out of South Carolina as it concentrates all of its efforts in Florida. The decision to pull SC staff comes in the wake of a similar decision to pull paid staffers out of Michigan. Over the course of the last six months, Giuliani has visited South Carolina about a dozen times and held more than 20 public events in the state.

Remember when I said many campaigns have ended in South Carolina. You really have to win here. Three Caucus and primaries all differ from oneanother. By the time you get out of SC you know whether you have real national appeal.

There’s a reason they call it the “Firewall.” From its inception, the South Carolina Republican primary was meant to douse the flames of political passion. The late GOP strategic wizard Lee Atwater designed the thing to give conservative Southerners a say in the presidential process and offer churchgoers a power line to the White House. Then he scheduled it right after Iowa and New Hampshire, the ideal spot for the party establishment to suppress an insurgent candidate’s momentum.

8:07 – T – 1 Hour. The press folks are getting in thier places. The two folks in front of me are from the New York Times. Super news people. I will begin posting comments throughout the debate. Feel free to post your comments.
7:07 – T Minus 2 hours until the debate. The big buzz out there right now is about Bill Richardson dropping out of the race. Many of the folks I chat with are saying the samething as I did. Governor Richradson is really running for Secratary of State or Vice President. He didn’t endorse any candidate, so he is leaving his options open. The other chatter is about Senator John Kerry endorsing Senator Obama. This must have been a Blow to Sentator Edwards who was his running mate for President / Vice-President in 2004. Remember the Kerry Edwards stickers 4 years ago? How do you come back from that? Other chatter arund here is about Governor Romney pulling all his ads from South Carolina and Florida. Radio station WBT from Charlotte, NC was broadcasting live about 4 tables from me. The talk was about the Romney ads. He is all in on Mich. Fred Thompson was on the radio while I was drive in on Hannities America. He is a calm cool guy who doesn’t speak in sound bits, so the media doesn’t play him well. People from the south take thier time and share the story. In the Northeast, people can talk about the whole day in one southern sentence. Thompson is said to watch 60 minutes in about an hour and a half. People like him here, but he has to get his message across in 60 seconds. So thats the 2 hours before post.
6:15 – Please start from the bottom of the page and scroll up to real time blogging. Those of you who are joining us from Politisite blog. Please join us tonight on NowPublic and look for the live blogging of the South Carolina Republican Debate.
5:25 – Hello everyone this is Politisite, Albert N. Milliron, Live blogging from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the Republican Debate with Fox News. I have finally picked up my parking pass, Picked up my credentials, gone through security, Ran right into Ron Paul, said, “Hi Ron”, I guess since I have interviewed him 3 times before, I think he knows me by name. Well he doesn’t. Think about how many news people, bloggers, Supporters, Workers he has met with already. Ron Paul does not know me by name. The important thing for me is to know everything I can about them, The issues they support, what they are against, and try to get a story that know one else has. My first question rwo debates ago was, “Congressman Paul, if you dont win the nomination of the Republican Party will you run as a Libertarian?” He had been asked that many times before but I just wanted him to say, “yes”. That would be a story! But he told me no he would not as he doesn’t want to split the vote between him and the Republican Party. Bloomburg will do the splitting.
If you have any questions at all about the process, media, and what to ask the candidates later in the Spin room, justput it in the comments section and I will answer live.
The debate starts at 9pm eastern, 6pm Pacific, 0200 UTC or GMT for the international readers.
Albert N. Milliron