Bill Clinton complains about Obama's attacks

Bill Clinton complains about Obama’s attacks

(CNN) — Former President Clinton on Monday complained about attacks from Sen. Barack Obama on Sen. Hillary Clinton in the latest in the back-and-forth between the two rival Democratic presidential campaigns.

Sen. Hillary Clinton says Sen. Barack Obama’s camp is deliberately distorting her remarks.

“I’ve got before me a list of 80 attacks on Hillary that are quite personal by Sen. Obama and his campaign going back six months that I’ve had pulled,” he said, speaking to CNN contributor Roland Martin on WVON-AM’s “The Roland S. Martin Show” based in Chicago, Illinois.

On the program, Martin played a recording of comments Sunday by Black Entertainment Television founder Bob Johnson that appeared to criticize Obama’s admitted past drug use.

Johnson later said he was referring to Obama’s community organizing efforts.

“When you listen to that tone and the inflection, he was not talking about community organizing. It seemed to be very clear what he was implying,” Martin said.

The former president said Johnson needs to be “taken at his word,” adding that “nobody knew” what he would say and “it wasn’t part of any planned strategy.” Video Watch Martin’s take on the interview »

“This, to me, is another example of [the Obama campaign] wanting a double standard,” he said. Video Watch the latest on the war of words »

Clinton went on to say comments from Obama’s campaign in the aftermath of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s assassination were “a lot worse” than what Johnson said.

Obama’s campaign implied that some of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy decisions helped exacerbate problems in Pakistan.

The ex-president said his wife’s way of handling attacks showed a clear difference from Obama. “She didn’t complain about it,” he said. “She just said, ‘I disagree’ and went on.”

The senator from New York did respond then, saying she regretted that Obama’s campaign “would be politicizing this tragedy, and especially at a time when we do need to figure out a way forward.”

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  1. Nice that Bill is ‘upset’ with the treatment of Hillary and can pinpoint the number of ‘attacks’ made against her. It’s too bad that he doesn’t have the other side of that score board. And if he is that ‘concerned’ about the ‘attacks’ on Hillary, why is she in the race?? Did she think she should get a free pass because she lived in the White House??

  2. I could care less about personal comments, by Obama against Hillary and Vice Versa. As far as i am concerned they are cut from the same cloth and represent todays Socialist Democrat. They are no longer part of a Democratic party from when my father was young and when my grandfather worked in a rock quarry, They are a part of a party that dosen’t believe the American people can make their own decisions and want to empower the government to make peoples decisions, which is why I will never vote for a Democrat weather it is Clinton, Obama, or one of the other Socialists running for the Nomination.
    I want a President that will continue to cut my taxes and yes that includes the rich, as it stands the top 5 to 10 percent of wage earners pay over 60% if the tax bill in this country and deserve a tax cut along with the middle class, and yes I am a part of the middle class and have enjoyed a nice reduction in my taxes with both of the last two tax cuts approved by congress and signed by President Bush and as it stands right now if any of the Democratic canidates get elected, they want to let the tax cuts expire, thereby increasing my taxes by basically doing nothing.
    I want a strong military that proactively goes after Terrorists and countries that do and potentially will, by there actions, support terrorists. As it stands the founding fathers, one of the few things that they believed goverment should fund is a strong military, and regardless of what the democrats say we have the strongest military in the world. Do I like seeing our soldiers die in war, NO! but unfortunately it is the price of war and protection of our freedoms that others wish to squash. Any politician deomocrat and in some cases Republican that want to pull out of a war before it is completely done invites the terrorists to restrengthen and look at this as a weakness to exploit. Failure and in this case retreat is not an option.
    I want our immigration laws enforced and I want any person in this country illigally found and deported, they have no right to be here and need to be made to do it the right way, the way my great grandparents did and those before and after them, by applying for citizenship legally and waiting like all those before them that did it the right way. Babies born to illigal immigrants in this country should not automatically be considered American citizens, if the parents are here illegally than when the baby is born they are here illegally, America is the only country that allows the idea of being born here automatically makes you a citizen, it should not. We should build a fence and not only along the Mexico border, but along the Canadian border as well, if immigrants can come in illegally over the Mexico border, then they can do it coming over the Canadian Border.
    On energy I want energy independence and that dosen’t only mean through alternative forms of energy other than fossil fuels, but to also drill for fossil fuels. Fossil fuels will be around for a long time, no matter how many alternative forms of energy we find. I am all for alternatives, but we also need to be realistic. We need to use fossil fuels were it makes sense and it still makes sense to use it in cars, heating our homes, etc. but use of it can be reduced by alternatives which will conserve it and make it last longer, This should not be done through regulation by the government though, but through captitalism and that old idea of supply and demand. We need to inform people of the alternatives, the effecencies and cost savings, if people increase the demand for something then industry will delivery, but I refuse to have the government and Socialists in this country treat me like a 5 year old and think that they know better than me, that is a sure way of getting me to do the absolute opposite, just out of spite. Don’t let the government take over your ability to make decisions, or you will never get it back.
    On the economy, the government has very little ability to have control over this, just like the climate it will have its ups and downs, highs and lows. In cases of the economy about one of the only controls they have is on interest rates and taxes. It is proven time and time again, when you cut either interest and taxes, preferably both the economy and people benefit and in the case of taxes, everytime they are cut the revenue to the govermement actually increases, because more taxable revenue it made by businesses, thereby increasing the amount of money companies can be taxed on. Also, it gives the people more control over their own money and how, when and were to spend it and when people have more money they will spend it..
    Abortion is one of the few things I am not conservative on, I believe a woman should have the right to choose and the government has not right either for or against abortion. As long as that baby is in that woman’s body it is the sole jurisdiction of the mother, If that woman chooses to abort I have and nobody else has the right to tell her what to do. She should be provided with all the options pro or con, negative and postive, benefits and problems, but in the end it is that women’s right to decide if she wants to carry a pregnancy to term. This issue should be taken out of politics and left to the women and her doctor.
    On same sex marriage, I am against same sex marriage. I believe in civil Unions to allow partners to have the ability to leave earthly belongings to another, be allowed to make medical decisions for that person, etc. However, marriage is primarily there for family unit, for rasing children. Regligous people invoke god into this, I am an Athiest, yes an athiest, I know with the views you read in this you might think I am religious, but I am not. My views on marriage, have to do with the fact that if nature had met for people of the same sex to marry, they would have given them the ability to reproduce together. I have no problem with same sex idividuals living together and getting the rights to protect each other through civil unions, but marriage is unnecessary and should not be pushed on the american people.
    On social security, I believe it will be gone when I retire. The way it is run leaves noway for it to be salvaged. It has been run in the wrong way for to long. Social security should have been setup more like a 401K or mutual fund and locked from being used to balance or pay for things in the general budget. A primary look is at a Texas town that opted out of social security, I believe it is Galveston, Tx, but not sure. A person in that town that dosen’t pay into social seciruity, but contributed to a private retirement fund is getting monthly checks up to 9 times higher than they would have gotten from social security. Social Security dosen’t invest your money to get a decent return, the current amount that social secutiry gets in a return on the dollar is about 1%. Years ago when 5 people were paying in for every 1 that drew benefits may have worked, but today 2 people are paying in for every one person that draws a benefit, and with the average american living longer and longer that ratio will get even smaller, leaving nothing but bankrupcy ahead for the system, it is inevitable. I believe that american’s should be allowed to have at least 2% of what they contribute to be put into a 401k, IRA or mutual fund, leaving money to pay out to the people already drawing benefits, but by doing this you allow the 30 year old today to be able to get some benefit in the future.
    On healthcare I believe the current one is the best you can have. America is were the breakthrough therapies are developed, the cutting edge drugs are developed, the best doctors in the world are here and why because of private healthcare and capitalism were competition abounds and demands improvement and breakthroughs in healthcare, there are times when public assistance is necessary, but overall we have the best healthcare. In countries with socialized medicine, you do not have the ability to make your own decisions, the government tells you when you can be seen by a doctor, when you can have necessary or elective surgury, what type of drugs you can have, etc. there is no incentive for doctors in socialized medicine to improve there knowledge, no incentive to develop new therapies or drugs, because they will not be able to benefit monitarily from it, it is nice to think doctors do it strictly for the benefit of humankind, but this is nieve. Doctors like the best of us also want the American dream, of making more money, having that nice house, and driving that nice car, yes they like to help people, but they also want to benefit from the hardwork, the long hours, the discovery of a new treatment and you only do that through competition and the private healthcare industry and as it stands today nobody regardless of their ability to pay can be turned away at a hospital for care. What we need to do is look for improvements in the current system, not socialized systems, why is it that people countries with socialized medicine end up in america for cutting edge surgery, etc., because in America is were these cutting edge surgeries and medications are developed and doctors and pharmacutical companies should benefit from their hard work and ingenuity on coming up with these things and when that is allowed, they will donate time, money and medication were it is needed and would be unaffordable. Also, Socialized medicine isn’t medical care, it is medical rationing, the government can deny anything without recourse from the patient, also, with socialized medicine it isn’t free. If you see socialized medicine, you will see taxe triple or more to pay for it and giving more money to the government is not the answer.
    Remember, our founding fathers wanted less government not more, they wanted the government to provide a strong military to protect our freedoms and common sense laws that protected citizens from harm from others when necessary. Captialism isn’t evil it is the answer. hardwork and entrenpenarialism should be rewarded, not penalized through higher taxes and excessive regulation, citizens should be empowered to make their own decsions regarding money, healthcare, family, etc. and not dictated through the dictates of socialism. Never allow the government to take away you liberties, which is exactly what the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all the other democratic canidates will do, along with 2 republicans John McCain and on some issues Huckabee. Look to the likes of Rudolph Guliani Fred Thompson and Mit Romney to allow you to keep more of you money, allow you and your doctor to determine your health decisions and allowy you to make the decisions that are best for you and your family. Never allow the government and socialism to make these decisions for you, because once you do, chances are you will never get it back.
    This is the opinion of one man, but a man who believes in common sense and a man who cares about his family and know what is best for his family. So I implore all americans that can vote, I challenge this country to 100% participation in this years election and if that happens we will have a government that empowers the individual and not the government to make desicions for themselves and say no to Socialism and the unfortunate orginazation that todays Democratic party has become.

  3. Obama campaign image based on a false comparisons to Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln are misleading; civil rights advocate, young Harvard trained lawyer as presidential candidate, obscure Illinois senator–some Barack supporters incorrectly identify him with historic American leadership icons to generate a) a symbolic presidential leadership image, b) to substitute the fictitious image for factual leadership credentials, and c) to facilitate social revolution as “change.”
    Martin Luther King Jr. fought to end racial segregation through direct action aimed at overturning the unjust US policy of “Separate but Equal”; John F. Kennedy–Congressional Medal of Honor recipient for valor in WWII–prosecuted the Cold War, combated organized crime, and advocated domestically for the Civil Rights Act, signed posthumously into law in 1964 by Lindon B. Johnson; a century earlier Abraham Lincoln prosecuted the Civil War and abolished slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation–executive order to deprive the South of agricultural labor used to fund the war.
    The civil rights leader and two historic presidents shared a similar philosophical vision for social justice, human and civil rights, based on Judeo-Christian principles and egalitarian political ideals, a tradition reflected in European and American history.
    Senator Obama claims to identify; supporters publicly identify him with the historic icons.
    However, personal and campaign identifications–associating Barack with Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln–do not make him a “great” civil rights leader “inspiring” a nation, “historic” wartime president, or “uniter” of America any more than associating him to Chicago Bears great Walter Payton makes him a historic star running back; associating him to John Lennon makes him a historic classic rock star; or associating him to Fred Astaire makes him a great historic Broadway or Hollywood singer, dancer, actor.
    Senator Obama’s claim to share a similar vision with the past American leaders–with respect to his work as a community organizer and senator–is measured by the substance of his not their achievements; while his campaign image, to the degree it is based on fictitious iconic symbolic associations and rhetoric, is a measure not of his but others’ achievements: Barack’s vision and achievements when weighed alone reflect his degree of preparation for national leadership.
    Characterization as a “historic” presidential candidate, a “uniter” of a divided America, a “young” charismatic aristocratic “champion” of civil rights, foreign and domestic affairs genius, national and international leader advancing true American interests, restorer of true American identity–these are factually unfounded with regard to substance, based largely on opinion, and primarily generated by the marketing technique of association, the misleading device of false comparison.
    Weigh Barack’s credibility based on his own not other people’s characters, achievements and identities.

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