Republican candidates look to South Carolina

GREENVILLE, South Carolina (Reuters) – Republican White House hopefuls turned their sights on South Carolina on Wednesday, the day after Mitt Romney’s decisive Michigan win focused a topsy-turvy presidential race on growing voter worries about the economy.
Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts and business executive, rebounded from second-place finishes in the first two state nomination battles to deliver a strong Michigan win on Tuesday over rivals John McCain and Mike Huckabee by pledging to revive the state’s ailing manufacturing base.

With McCain leading polls in South Carolina, Romney told reporters it would be an “enormous surprise” if the Arizona senator did not capture Saturday’s first primary election in the South.

“I am going to be campaigning hard here in South Carolina,” he told reporters in Bluffton. But he plans to spend the next two days in Nevada, where he leads in polls, ahead of that state’s Saturday contest on the road to the November election.

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