Romney Played Well in Mitt: Economy Biggest Issue

Romney Played Well in Mitt 

Economy Biggest issue at the Polls

By Albert N. Milliron

Governor Mitt Romney was glowing

following his win in Michigan last night. It took only 6 million

dollars, in advertising during his presidential bid,  to finally to get his Gold.

Politisite thought that McCain would pull through and get a sliver of

a win here but the night belonged to Governor Mitt Romney. Since we

have been talking about horse races, no one gets the Triple Crown.

Each major candidate now has a win from both sides. The inevitable

candidates are no more. Change is the buzz word being used by

all of the campaigns and change it is. Each time we’ve has a

caucus or primary election the winners change! That will all

change in South Carolina as it is inevitable that someone will

leave here on Saturday night with two golds.

In Iowa it was the Values Voters who

prevailed. Huckabee was their guy and with most elections the

momentum usually follows the candidate tot he next state. But this

is an election season about change. New Hampshire is the

state with more than 44% independent voters who can vote in the

democratic or republican primary. Senator John McCain the Maverick

is the embodiment of an independent He is a guy who often angers the

right and the left simultaneously. McCain ran away with the vote in

New Hampshire. Michigan hit hard by unemployment, brain drain, and

industry leaving in droves is in a economic mess. Governor Mitt

Romney took over as CEO of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics,

turning around a 379 Million dollar deficit, contributed 1 million of

his own money, and ended up with a 100 Million profit. He also

donated his 825,000 salary to charity. Romney was also part of

turning the National chain, Staples around. So if you have a leaky

faucet, call a plumber.

Without going through a long analysis

on why we thought Senator McCain would win this primary, lets just

say we are momentum stock traders. Governor Romney beat Senator

McCain Hands down. Michigan voters see Romney is their answer to

the economic crisis they are in. Mitt had the right message for this

troubled state.

Here is the Results for Michigan.

(Politisite Predictions)

  1. Mitt Romney: 38.9% (2, 27%)

  2. John McCain: 29.7% (1, 29%)

  3. Mike Huckabee: 16.1% (3, 16%)

  4. Ron Paul: 6.3% (4, 8%)

  5. Fred Thompson: 3.7% (5, 5%)

  6. Rudy Giuliani: 2.8% (6, 5%)

I know I had some fun with the

Democratic Primary. Last night was a highlight for Dennis’ Kucinich

as he came in third behind Uncommitted with 3.7 percent of the vote.

Hillary Clinton came in 1st with 55.4%. Stripping all of

the delegate away from Michigan is an embarrassment but in keeping

with tradition, bot parties are trying to keep the Iowa, New

Hampshire, and South Carolina tradition going. I do see where a

western state should be represented in these early contests as well.

Nevada did not get punished for moving their primary up to January

19th. I guess there is an exception to every rule and

with every rule there is a politician who can find a loop hole.

Albert N. Milliron

– Politisite


Romney Played Well in the Mitt Romney Michigan Splash Page 01-11-08

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