Change the buzz word for politics in the election ; Bowie and SNL give us Change

Change is the  buzz word for politics in the 2008 election cycle.  We have all thought about it, but this YouTuber has done it. Check out the genious behind this new song created by Hugh Atkin from David Bowie’s Song Changes, Every election cycle someone takes the candidates and incorporates them into a song.  This year everyone is about change.  Hillary has been changing for 35 years.  She is the embodiment of change.  Obama is Change we can beleive in.  Romney is change from the private sector.  Huckabee is a changed man.  Edwards wants to change coorporatons, and Paul wants to change everything.  The only thing constant is change. 

Video 2 Mash-up: SNL’s ‘change’ meets presidential ‘change’ Enjoy

Changes - Presidential Candidates feat_ Bowie Mash-up: SNL's 'change' meets presidential 'change'

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