Democratic Presidential Preference Primary – January 26, 2008

South Carolina Unofficial Results
Democratic Presidential Preference Primary – January 26, 2008

Statewide Results

Candidate           Votes        Percentages

Joe Biden           694            0.1%

Hillary Clinton     141217     26.5%

Chris Dodd        247            0.0%

John Edwards    93576        17.6%

Mike Gravel      241             0.0%

Dennis Kucinich 552            0.1%

Barack Obama 295314       55.4%

Bill Richardson 727              0.1%

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  1. I was surprised to see MSNBC actually call the Clinton’s on the Race Issue. Clinton negated South Carolina before he left. The left SC as soon as the polls closed. Clinton called at 7:01 and congratulated him on his win. She said one sentence about Obama in Tenn. Bill Clinton said one thing about Obama and went on for 70 Minutes about himself. The Bottom line is they got beat and beat badly. Obama 12 Points higher than the highest poll numbers out there. Clinton won one county. Edwards won one county. Obama won the rest. The Kennedy & MLK mixture really does apply to this guy. As a conservative, If I really wanted to be an operative. I would be praising Hilliary and Bill because we know that a McCain can Beat them. Obama McCain beats only in some head to head polls. Obama is a threat to Republicans maintaining the White House. Hilliary is too much baggage and Most folks would vote for her husband rather than her if he were running against her. People really want Bill in the White house, not Hillary. That data has to hurt Hilliary. Her negative numbers are so large that she can and will be beat in a general election. All of the Republicans that are staying at home during the primaries right now will walk to a polling place to vote against her. Some Republicans don;t think Obama would be so bad as a pres. He is a Liberal as Liberal as they get but he is an excellent speaker. He is motivational, something republicans just don’t have in this election.
    Thats my wrap-up comment and the book is closed on SC.

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