Politisite Real Time Election Results South Carolina Democratic Primary

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Politisite Real Time Election Results South Carolina Democratic Primary

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 Politisite’s  Continuing Coverage from the Congressional Black Caucus CNN Debate to the South Carolina Democratic Primary – This is our Final Part of our Series.  Part Four:  Primary Results.  By Albert N. Milliron
PART ONE – Billiary For President – Four More Years!
PART TWO – Edwards Won CNN Debate in Myrtle Beach : Says Who?
PART THREE – Clinton Third Place? South Carolina – Politisite …

Good Night from Columbia SC, Please post your photos, your comments, you know crowd Power stuff.  Remember the News is NowPUBLIC. 


Here is how we projected the race.

Obama 41% – Obama could get 38-44% – Actual 55%  Got the order right the Number off in Double digits.  Obama blew away every poll out there.

Edwards 27% Edwards 24-30%. – Actual  – 18% – We missed everything here

Clinton 26.6% Clinton could get 23.6-29.6% Actual – 27%  I got the Number right the order wrong.

Margin of Error is +/- 3 percentage points.  Heres the bottom line our projections have a Margin of Error of 3% points.  Basically means Obama could get 38-44%, Clinton could get 23.6-29.6%, and Edwards 24-30%. The truth is Clinton can indeed sill come in second.  Obama is above the Margin of error so we see him a clear win.  The difference between Edwards and Clinton is only 0.4% but in reality Edwards could get 24% and Clinton get 29.6%,  the other way around, or somewhere in between.  So our call on Edwards is Paper thin.  But we are going with it.

2132- 7 Second Delay 

2132 -John Edwards is in que

2131 – 98% Reporting 

Obama – 288,509 – 55% 15 Delegates

Clinton – 138,486 – 27% 6 Delegates

Edwards – 92,283 – 18% 5 Delegates


2125 – Stand by for Edwards Speech  – Rep. Bill Cyburn ( not the Majority Whip) is speaking now

John Edwards is waiting on Barrak Obama speech to end to give his concession speech – Expected to take stage at 2130 hrs

transplanted mountaineer
I voted in the S.C. democratic primary today and the polls were busy when I was there.
There didn’t seem to be any of the troubles like they had last weekend during the republican primary.
transplanted mountaineer has contributed a photo to this story.
2118 hrs – 97% Reporting –

Obama – 283,123 Votes – 55% – 15 Delegates 

Clinton – 134,80 Votes – 27% – 5 Delegates

Edwards – 90,602 Votes – 18% – 4 Delegates

Kucinich – 526 Votes – 0.11% – 0 Delegates

2104- Stand by 7 sec delay

2103 Hrs –  Hoped you all enjoyed the que I see all the networks going to Columbia SC now 

2102 Hrs – Barrak Obama is walking out now to claim victory in South Carolina we are live in Columbia SC.   

2058 Hrs  – Obama 2 minutes fox news satellite feed is making descision to go right to headquarters or to go to Hemmer. 

2057 – Fox news chatter with New York is Obama is going to come on at 9pm in 4 minutes 

2056 – Much more noise at Obama headquarters and Obama is about to go on. 

2055 hrs-  To give you an idea of the outcome in SC there was 200K Obama 100K for Clinton and 75K Edwards.  Kucinich who left the race earier this week got 500 votes.  The differance is amazing as Obama got 100 thousand more votes then Clinton.  Clinton got 25 thousand more votes than Edwards. Fox is at Obama headquarters about to go on.

2046 hrs – 77% Reporting –  Please post your photos from downtown Columbia, SC at the Obama Rally. Satelite feeds are showing: Edwards Music and quiet but a very large crowd.  Obama Rally Mixed Young and Old dancing with a very large croud.  We are unable to find a feed for the Clinton Camp.  Ok Post your photos and video of Obama here on Now Public.

Obama – 54%, Clinton -27%,   Edwards – 19%

2045 hrs – Tried to add my spreadsheet directly to the NP.  I was unable to do so. I will work on this in the future.  I will post the spreadsheet to my website following the exclusive NP coverage.   
2041 hrs –  The Majority of the Demacratic vote tonight was Woman by a 6 to 4 Margin Republicans are about 51% Male to 49% Female. 
2040 hrs – 67% Reporting –  Based Upon what we see at this time.  Edwards will not come in Third.  We are revewing the areas and 2004 outcomes to see if there is any chance.  Obama a Big Win here with a 2 to 1 vote.  South Carolna made its voice heard today.  Hilliary Clinton is Not what they want.  Th same can be saod for Edwards.  We projected a 41% win for Obama.  He as in Iowa Blew away our expectations. 

Obama – 54%, Clinton -27%,   Edwards – 19%

2023 hrs – 41% Reporting –

Obama – 53%, Clinton -28%,   Edwards – 19%

2015 hrs – 30% Reporting –

Obama – 54%, Clinton -27%,   Edwards – 19%


2000 hrs – 13% Reporting –

Obama – 52%, Clinton -28%,   Edwards – 22%

1956 – 9% Precients Reporting – Clinton Edwards margin continues to close

Obama – 50%, Clinton – 30%,   Edwards – 20%


Obama projected winner in S.C.
By David Lightman – Washington BureauDemocratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., smiles at a supporter as he campaigns in Harper's Restaurant in Columbia on Saturday. 
COLUMBIA | Barack Obama cruised to a decisive victory in South Carolina’s presidential primary Saturday with overwhelming support from black voters and about one-fourth of whites as well, a win that leaves Hillary Clinton humbled and John Edwards staggering.
Clinton and her husband, the former president, fought hard in the final days to overtake the Illinois senator, or at least come close in a state where polls found she was the front-runner just last month. Instead, early exit polls suggested she was in a battle for second with former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.
The result sets up a showdown between Obama, Clinton and possibly Edwards in 22 states and American Samoa on Feb. 5, when primaries and caucuses will award a total of 1,678 pledged delegates. A candidate needs 2,205 delegates to be nominated.
Clinton tried mightily to create a no-lose scenario in South Carolina, leaving the state

1950 – 7% Precients Reporting – Clinton Edwards margin closing

Obama – 51%, Clinton – 30%,   Edwards – 19%

1945 – 4% Precients Reporting – More Democrats voted today than Republicans last week – New for this state – NBC says Clinton 2nd, Edwards 3rd CNN calls same, Fox states if trends continue Clinton, Edwards – We had a network issue – sorry for the delay

Obama – 52% Clinton – 34%  Edwards  – 18%
1927 – Less than <1% Precients Reporting
Obama -63%, Clinton – 25%, Edwards -12%, Kucinich – 0
1921 –  Less than <1% Precients Reporting – These are some absentee Votes less than 1500
Obama -71%, Clinton – 21%, Edwards – 8%, Kucinich – 0
1918 –  Less than <1% Precients Reporting
Obama -70%, Clinton – 18%, Edwards – 13%, Kucinich – 0
1915 –  Less than <1% Precients Reporting
Obama -49%, Clinton – 37%, Edwards – 14%, Kucinich – 0

Barack Obama won the South Carolina Democratic primary Saturday, FOX News projects, a victory that could help realign his campaign after suffering back-to-back losses to Hillary Clinton.

1906 – Exit polls state that more SC Voters are ready for a Black President than a woman president although the margin is small,  78% to 74% .  The younger you are the more likely you are to Vote for a Black man or Woman
1901- CNN Has Called the Race for Obama
1900 Hrs –  The Clinton’s have left the building.  Bill Clinton trying to negate a Loss Here by His Wife said within the last 3 hours that “Obama is Black”  Basically saying the only reason he will win here is because of race.
 1835 Hrs – Hilliary Clintion knowing she will not win here is heading for Tennessee.  So Long Bill Clinton as he leaves as well.  Under another cover on NowPublic, If Bill Clinton were Running, all other canidiates would retain their leads except Hilliary Clinton.  Those polled said they would vote for Bill Clinton over Hilliary f he were running.  See More at NowPublic If Bill Clinton were Running who would you vote for? Next Update 1900 Hrs Eastern 0000 UTC (GMT)
(Columbia, SC) – Lets start here.  The AP just released its early exit polls.  We will provide coverage from Columbia, SC as the results arrive in near real time.

Early SC Exit Poll Highlights

Some highlights of preliminary data from exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and television networks in the South Carolina Democratic primary on Saturday:
Given three choices, half the voters said the economy was the most important issue facing the country — up from 38 percent in the only other competitive Democratic primary to date, in New Hampshire on Jan. 8. About a quarter picked health care, comparable to New Hampshire. Only about one in five picked Iraq, down from 27 percent in New Hampshire.
As in New Hampshire, three in four Barack Obama voters said the most important quality in a candidate is that he can bring about needed change. Four in 10 Hillary Rodham Clinton voters said their priority was that a candidate has the right experience while nearly three in 10 picked change. As usual, John Edwards scored highest on empathy — at least half his voters said it was most important that the candidate “cares about people like me.” Few voters said the candidate’s electability was their top priority.
Asked whether their candidate’s positions on issues or leadership and personal qualities were more important to their vote, six in 10 said issues.
Three in four voters said the country is ready to elect a black president and about as many said that about a woman. Somewhat more Clinton voters said the country is not ready to elect a black than Obama voters said the country wasn’t ready to elect a female president.
After the contentious Democratic debate Monday night, three in four Obama voters said Clinton had attacked Obama unfairly and slightly fewer than half accused their own candidate of attacking Clinton unfairly. Two-thirds of Clinton voters said Obama attacked her unfairly and nearly as many said she attacked him unfairly. Edwards voters were more likely than either of the other candidates’ supporters to say both Clinton and Obama attacked each other unfairly.
Roughly four out of five voters would be satisfied if Clinton or Obama wins the Democratic nomination. Slightly more Clinton voters would be dissatisfied with Obama than vice-versa.
Slightly more Obama voters say Clinton would be more likely to be the eventual Democratic nominee than vice-versa.
From a partial sample of 1,269 voters conducted by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International in 35 precincts in South Carolina’s Democratic primary. Margin of sampling error plus or minus 4 percentage points.


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