Super Tuesday Coverage

Super Tuesday Coverage
by ryan nadel | January 29, 2008 at 02:37 pm | 99 views | 4 comments
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 Super Tuesday  Coverage
Super Tuesday Coverage

ryan nadel
by ryan nadel
1 hr ago | 6 views

The 2008 presidential race is heating up. NowPublic contributors across the US and the world have provided extensive coverage and analysis of the campaign so far. February 5th is Super Tuesday, the day that 24 states choose Democratic and Republican candidates – and we want your contributions. 

What type of stuff should you contribute?

We recommend three different types of content, but feel free to get creative, just remember to keep it  newsworthy.

Footage – your reports, photos and videos of events, the actual caucus or primary etc., your polling place.
“Your Take” –  express your views on a matter, what do you care about? What are the issues that get you going?
Analysis – the issues, the politicians, or the politics behind it all.

To make sense of it all NowPublic staffers will track all the incoming content and provide a round-up of the contributions highlighting the best stuff in a “Super Story”.

There’s no need to wait till February 5th if you have something you want to report now. Feel free to publish your content to the site as usual but ensure it’s all tagged with “Super Tuesday”.  

Don’t live in the US?

No problem. Feel free to contribute your analysis from an international perspective: what is your local press saying about the candidates? What issues are relevant to you? How do you see the candidates in light of those issues?  

Send me a message if you got any questions. 

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