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“John McCain is the most qualified candidate to be the next commander in chief of the United States,” Rudy Giuliani said a little while ago. “He’s an American hero.”

The Fed made its second cut in just 8 days, slashing Federal funds rate a half point.

Tonight’s GOP Debate at the Reagan Ranch in Simi Valley, Calif., will be without some familiar faces — Rudy’s and Fred’s. But perhaps that will just give McCain and Romney more of an opportunity to continue their fight.

Graced with a pretty cool photograph, the NYT’s Jeff Zeleny gives the latest on Obama from Denver.

Coming from a Murdoch paper, not sure what this means, but the New York Post has endorsed Barack Obama. It could play well in New York.

Chris Cillizza takes a look at how Giuliani’s departure will affect the race.

“They’re banging down our doors,” said Edwards campaign manager Joe Trippi, talking about the two Democratic finalists.

First Read
: “For a second-straight day, Bill Clinton did what he rarely does: not make news.”

Uh-oh: He’s back — maybe.

Two Republicans announced today they would not seek re-election: Ky. Rep. Ron Lewis and Va. Rep. Tom Davis.

Um, I think this is supposed to appeal to the “youth vote”:

Way out, man.

Meanwhile, this anti-McCain ad is from a group called “Citizens United”:

Suprisingly Liberal-John McCain Romney proves McCain is a Liberal

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