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Whats so Fair about a Tax? “FairTax Act ” Nix the IRS

February 19, 2008 Politisite 0

News Congressman Broun Cosponsors “FairTax Act of 2007”; Calls for Elimination of the Internal Revenue ServiceBroun: “Adopting the FairTax and eliminating the Internal Revenue Service are ideas whose times have come.” February 7, 2008 Washington D.C.-  Congressman Paul Broun today announced his co-sponsorship of H.R. 25, the “FairTax Act of 2007.” This bi-partisan legislation, which was introduced by Rep. John Linder (R-GA) and Rep. Dan Boren (D-OK), repeals all corporate […]

Will a Spy Satellite Fall on My Head? Will my Insurance Policy Cover This?

February 15, 2008 Politisite 0

Will a Spy Satellite Fall on my head? I don’t see the Spy Satellite Clause in my Insurance Policy? Is a Spy satelite and act god or Government?  Oh, I know Government thinks its and act of God, Im Screwed Right? Edited By Albert N. Milliron Hi, It’s Me. Chicken Little. i09 probably sums it up better than I could: the military is going to shoot a freakin satellite out […]

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Exit Polls & Real Time Election Results Potomac Primary: DC, MD, VA

February 12, 2008 Politisite 0

Politisite Exit Polling Data from the Potomac Primary, Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Beginning at 7:00 pm Eastern / 0:00 GMT (UTC). Real Time Election Results from VA, MD, and DC.  This is part of our continuing coverage of the Potomac Primary.  Be sure to check back as we will be posting Exit Polling data as we get them.  We also will be providing Real Time Election Results beginning at […]

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Super Tuesday: Politisite Political Projections

February 4, 2008 Politisite 0

  Super Tuesday: Politisite Political ProjectionsWe are finally Here!  From Alaska to the North and Georgia to the south and  New York to California,  This is the closest thing to a National Primary this country has ever seen. The possible outcomes of each contest is mind boggling as in some cases with delegate distribution will winner takes all, in others a percentage will be given.    It is different for each party as Democrats have one way […]

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Plane Crash Takes Lives of 3 Georgia Republican Party Leaders

February 1, 2008 Politisite 0

[q url=””]Six dead in aircrash, including three prominent Paulding men Reduced 63% 642 x 483 (47.38K) Three prominent Paulding Residents are dead in an air crash near Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Among them are post Commissioner Hal Echols, local developer and owner of Raker Construction and Blue Sky Airways, Wesley Rakestraw and local developer Steve Simpson. In addition authorities released the names of Robert Butler, Tony Gunter and Frank Rogerrio. […]