Increasing Executions, Death Sentences in Iran

Increasing Executions,
Death Sentences in Iran

by Albert N. Milliron

Iron Mill News Service

February 6, 2008 – (Washington) – Sean
McCormack spokesman for the United States Department of state tell
Politisite that Executions in Iran have increased to an alarming
level of 36 since the beginning of 2008. “We join the
international community in expressing concern about the increase in
executions in Iran”, Thirty-six executions have been reported
in the Iranian and international press since January 1, 2008. The
spokesman said, ” We are troubled that individuals are being
sentenced to death, including by stoning, for crimes that do not meet
the standards outlined in the International Covenant for Civil and
Political Rights, which Iran has ratified”.

The State Department is urging the
Iranian regime to adhere to its international obligations and
commitments and offer all defendants fair and transparent trials

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