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 Hello all you pundits, politicos, politstes, pollsters, political junkies, and casual political readers:  Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Washington

Wisconsin is showing strong exit polling for John McCain.  Keep it here and check back throughout the night for updates as they happen.  When the Polls close we will switch to our Real time election results.  Please post your photos from Wisconsin election polling places, Candidate parties, and whatever will add to the experience for NowPublic Readers.  You know the Drill, The News is NowPublic

To appreciate the polling data and election results as they unfolded, we sugust that you read from bottom of the page to the top as the results and news are in reverse chronological order.  We hope you ahve enjoyed our coverage of this election event and look forward to covering Texas, Ohio, and Penn.

 3:10 am – Based upon results coming every 29 minutes we feel like we would be best served reporting the finals late morning. 


3:09 am – Hawaii – 8 % Reporting

Obama 77% , Clinton 23%,

1:57 am – Washington – 54 % Reporting

McCain 49%, Huckabee 21%, Paul 7%

First Results directly from Hawaii News

1:30 am – Delegates To Follow Caucus Results

HONOLULU — The state House has a resolution that urges Hawaii’s super delegates to follow the results of the state Democratic caucus.

The voting in Hawaii’s Democratic Caucus will decide how 20 Hawaii delegates will vote in the Democratic National Convention in August in Denver. The 20 would be assigned to candidates in the same proportion as the results.

However, the vote does not control Hawaii’s nine super delegates, but some people think it should.

Politisite Note: Regarding Michele Obama’s statement today.  With all the Pundits making so much of this, ” For the first time I am proud of being an American”  I think we all should be proud today.  White and black America have come together to support a black man for president.  She may have misspoke,  but America has showed that we have crossed the barrier that has divided us for years.  We are at a place where we are willing to vote for a Black, a woman, a Hispanic, a Jew, or a Mormon.  President Bush has quadrupled the aid to Africa.  He has the most diverse cabinet in top level positions in history. Lets take it for what it is.  America is coming of age. Maybe MLK and Lincoln can now rest. America is becoming what we should be the United States.

1:24 am – Washington – 53 % Reporting

McCain 49%, Huckabee 21%, Paul 7%

1:20 am – Wisconsin – 97 % Reporting – Last Report

Democrats – X Obama – 58% Delegates 31, Clinton – 41% Delegates 22

Republicans – X McCain – 55%, Delegates 31 Huckabee -37%, 0 Paul – 5% 0 

Hawaii – Results will beging coming in after 1 am East 10 West and 0600 GMT

 12:49 pm – Washington – 53 % Reporting

McCain – 49%, Huckabee -21%, Paul – 7%

12:20 am – Washington – 47 % Reporting

McCain – 48%, Huckabee -21%, Paul – 8% 

No Democrat Data

12:18 am – Wisconsin – 90 % Reporting

Democrats –  Obama – 58% Delegates 31, Clinton – 41% Delegates 22

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 5%

The AP is also looking for footage Please go to Democrats Go to Polls in Wisconsin, Hawaii  to see their Coverage

I guess only Democrats can play the Boston song, More than a Feeling,  You have heard of ASCAP and BMI well now you may have to get premission from the DNC to Play cover songs on the campaign trail.   [q url=”http://accomackdems.wordpress.com/2008/Huckabee, Playing, ” More than a Feeling”, Has Boston Angry.  Here is a letter to the Republican Hopeful. 

Dear Gov. Huckabee:

It has come to my attention that your campaign’s use of my song More Than a Feeling and my band’s name BOSTON has resulted in a great deal of false information, which it now appears may exist permanently on the Internet.

While I’m flattered that you are fond of my song, I’m shocked that you would use it and the name BOSTON to promote yourself without my consent.

Your campaign’s use of More Than a Feeling, coupled with the representation of one of your supporters as a member “of BOSTON” clearly implies that the band BOSTON, and specifically one of its members, has endorsed your candidacy, neither of which is true.

I wrote and arranged More Than a Feeling, engineered and produced the recording, and actually played all the guitars on that BOSTON hit as well as most of BOSTON’s songs, not the person holding a guitar in your promotion who identified himself as being “of BOSTON.” Your claim that this was “the guy who originally did it” is a bit mystifying since he never played on that recording, nor has he been “of BOSTON” since he left my band over a quarter century ago, after performing with us for only three years.

BOSTON has never endorsed a political candidate, and with all due respect, would not start by endorsing a candidate who is the polar opposite of most everything BOSTON stands for. In fact, although I’m impressed you learned my bass guitar part on More Than a Feeling, I am an Obama supporter.

While this may seem like a little thing to you, BOSTON has been my life’s work. I hold the trademark to the name and my reputation is inexorably tied to it.

By using my song, and my band’s name BOSTON, you have taken something of mine and used it to promote ideas to which I am opposed. In other words, I think I’ve been ripped off, dude!

The unfortunate misconceptions caused by your campaign now live indefinitely on Internet news sites and blog archives.

As the “straight talk candidate,” I hope you will help undo the damage still being caused by this misleading use of BOSTON and More Than a Feeling.

Still evolving,
Tom Scholz for BOSTON


Exit Polls

Fox NewsCBS News and the Associated Press have released preliminary exit poll information from the Wisconsin Democratic primary. 

Key highlights:

  • Women: Obama 51%, Clinton 49%
  • Change vs. experience, 52% to 24%.
  • Just 17% are first time voters
  • Families with income under 50,000: Obama 51%, Clinton 49%
  • Independents: Obama 63%, Clinton 34%
  • Seniors: Clinton 60%, Obama 39%
  • Top quality – experience: Clinton 95%, Obama 5%
  • Union households: Clinton 50%, Obama 49%

UpdateMike Allen has more: “Democratic officials with access to exit polls say Sen. Obama looks like he’s headed for a huge win in today’s Wisconsin primary. The polls could turn out to be off, as they have in the past. But the officials’ revelation reflects the chatter in the campaigns in advance of the 9 p.m. Eastern poll closing… Obama encroached deeply into three of Clinton’s core groups of voters — women, those with no college degree and those with lower incomes — while giving up none of his own.”


Clinton Bets Everything on Texas, Ohio

In a conference call with reporters earlier today, NBC News notes the Clinton campaign downplayed tonight’s contests in Wisconsin and Hawaii while simultaneously raising the stakes in Ohio and Texas. 

Said spokesman Howard Wolfson: “These are major, major, major battleground states and they will be hotly contested. It will be a major test of the two candidates.”

Also looking past today’s races, Michael Barone notes “the turf looks fairly favorable to Clinton, provided she wins Ohio and Texas March 4. Not favorable enough, perhaps, for her to overtake Obama in ‘pledged’ delegates, but enough to keep the overall delegate count excruciatingly close, unless the superdelegates start cascading to Obama… But if Clinton loses either Ohio or Texas, that’s a sign that the ground thereafter will be less favorable to her. Losing Ohio would suggest she can’t carry Pennsylvania or Indiana. Losing Texas suggests she can’t carry Mississippi, North Carolina, West Virginia, or Kentucky. Losing either probably means the superdelegate cascade starts in torrents, and she falls well behind in total delegate count. In which case her candidacy is probably effectively over.”[/q]

11:53 pm – Wisconsin – 85 % Reporting

Democrats –
Obama – 58% Delegates 31
Clinton – 41% Delegates 22

Republicans – McCain – 54%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 5%

11:43 pm – Washington – 40 % Reporting

McCain – 48%, Huckabee -22%, Paul – 8%

 11:23 pm – Wisconsin – 84 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 58%, Clinton – 41%

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 5%

11:28 pm – Wisconsin – 79 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 58%, Clinton – 41%

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 5%

11:23 pm – Wisconsin – 76 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 57%, Clinton – 42%

Republicans – McCain – 54%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 5% 

We will now begin coverage of Washington State

 11:22 pm pm – Washington – 21 % Reporting

McCain – 47%, Huckabee -22%, Paul – 8%


10:53 pm – Wisconsin – 64 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 57%, Clinton – 42%

Republicans – McCain – 54%, Huckabee -38%, Paul – 5%

10:33 pm – Wisconsin – 48 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 56%, Clinton – 43%

Republicans – McCain – 54%, Huckabee -38%, Paul – 5%

10:29 pm – Wisconsin – 43 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 55%, Clinton – 44%

Republicans – McCain – 54%, Huckabee -38%, Paul – 5%

10:27 pm – Obama shows a clear win among white voters save one group 60+ which went to Clinton.

 10:18 pm -Wisconsin – 35 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 56%, Clinton – 43%

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 4%

10:12 pm Exit Poll Data Female Vote 51% Clinton vs 48% Obama

Age: Obama 18-24 = 73%, Clinton 60+ 58%

Race: White : Obama 18-29 67%, 30-39 62%, 40-49 57%, Clinton 60+ 58%

10:11 pm -Wisconsin – 30 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 56%, Clinton – 43%

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 4%

10:02 pm – Some more exit poll information: Gender Male Vote  32% Clinton vs. 66% Obama

9:51 pm -Wisconsin – 15 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 56%, Clinton – 43%

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 4%

9:47 pm -Wisconsin – 13 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 54%, Clinton – 45%

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 4%

9:44 pm -Wisconsin – 10 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 54%, Clinton – 45%

Republicans – McCain – 55%, Huckabee -37%, Paul – 4%

9:34 pm – Clinton is giving another non-concession speech.  Focusing on why Obama is not ready to be President.  She is speaking from Ohio.  Clinton speak for knowing she wold lose in Wisconsin.  Obama has taken stage as Clinton is speaking.  This shows very negative feelings toward the opposing candidate. Obama is speaking from Houston Texas.  I don’t remember a time when candidates do not wait for the other to end.  I want to note that Obama is in Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, a Clinton Supporter is from Houston.  She is a powerful congresswoman in the Congressional Black Caucus

Here is some of the other chatter on the issue

Obama spokesman Bill Burton confirmed that a meeting with John Edwards took place Sunday.

“Sen. Obama visited this morning with John and Elizabeth Edwards at their home in Chapel Hill to discuss the state of the campaign and the pressing issues facing American


9:23 pm – Politisite is hearing from one source Edwards will endorse Obama

9:22 pm – Wisconsin – 0 % Reporting

Democrats – Obama – 52%, Clinton – 47%

Republicans – McCain – 64%, Huckabee -28%, Paul – 5%

9:20 pm –  Wisconsin – 0 % Reporting


Obama – 55%
Clinton – 44%


McCain – 70%
Huckabee -23%
Paul – 4%

9:19 pm – Fox projects Obama wins WS 

Polls in Hawaii close at 1 am EST and WA (Rep) 11 pm

9:06 – McCain, Lets all do the, “my Friends count”  4 so far

9:04 pm – McCain to give victory Speech

9:00 pm – Polls Closed in Wisconsin – CNN, Fox, NBC, NPR and AP Projects McCain Wins

8:23 pm –

First Word on Wisconsin Exits

I’m hearing that after two waves of data, Wisconsin looks like a blowout in favor of Obama, in the neighborhood of 60 percent to 40 percent.

8:14 pm –Exit polls: A party divided?

(CNN) — There’s a fault line running through Wisconsin’s Democratic primary voters in early exit polls Tuesday. Nearly 6 in 10 percent of voters who support Hillary Clinton said they would be satisfied if Barack Obama was the party’s nominee; 40 percent said they would not. But the reverse doesn’t hold true: a slim majority of Obama voters said they would not be satisfied if Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee.

Likely Republican nominee John McCain, who has struggled to win over his party’s conservative base, fares better in that respect than either of his potential fall opponents: among voters who backed Mike Huckabee in Wisconsin’s GOP primary, 65 percent – — said they’d be happy to support McCain in the fall.

7:59 pm –

McCain voters made up 70 percent of those most concerned about Iraq, the polls showed, while Huckabee voters made up 39 percent of those most concerned about the economy. Sixty-one percent of the Wisconsin GOP voters said the economy was either not good or poor.

The polls also showed that voters looking for experience tapped McCain, the four-term Arizona senator, while voters looking for a candidate that shares their values chose Huckabee, the former Baptist minister.

Front-runner McCain is hoping for a win in the Wisconsin primary to push him closer to the Republican nomination. He has won 830 delegates in the previous Republican contests. Last week, he won the endorsement of former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who asked his delegates to vote for McCain at the party’s September convention in Minneapolis,

5:39 pm – Wisconsin Exit Polls: A Less Affluent, Less Well-Educated, Economically Sensitive Electorate

Info from our trusty pals at CBS News: this electorate is very white; only four in ten have a “college degree.” They’re “less affluent” than Dems in other states. The percentage of late deciders is declining: only 27% made up their minds within the last seven days.
— Issue number one is, of course, the economy, followed by health care… adding the economy and health care brings you to nearly 70% of the electorate.
— Change trumps experience, 52 to 24.
— Very few first time voters — only 17%.
— 27% of the electorate were independent
— Clinton was seen as the most unfair attacker;
— Obama (55%) was seen as the candidate most like to improve relations with the res tof the world.
— Clinton and Obama are seen as equally qualified to be commander in chief (50% and 48%), while Obama draws 60% or more on the questions of who best can unite the country and beat the Republicans.

5:23 pm –

Higher numbers of women and elderly went to the polls in Wisconsin today, typically Clinton’s two strongest demographic bases. Yet rumors are circulating that Obama’s winning by roughly 60%-40%. If both details are true, it represents a major setback for Clinton and, as I said in a post about 90 minutes ago, this is, imo, the beginning of the end of the Clinton campaign for the nomination.
If Obama wins by 12% or more, his odds of winning the nomination will be close to 90%.

My Vote Counts Wisconsin Exit Polls, Real Time Election Results, News as it Happens from Politisite.com

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