Politisite, Where have you been? Between Life and Death of Grand Mother and Friend

To my NowPublic readers:

Some of You must have been wondering, What happended to Politisite’s Daily Rants n Raves?

I am sad to say, that on Sunday I was called to Titusville, Florida on an emergency.

My Grand Mother, Mary Lank, was closing in oun death.  It was a hard call but I through together my clothing and headed to be close to her.  I arrived on Saturday night, woke to a call in the morning that I must get to the facility.  I am the so called spiritual leader of the family and it was time to pray for God to accept her into his kingdom.  She died as we held her hands in 3 hours. 

My grand mother had just celebrated her 88th Birthday.  Her memory will not soon fade.

My heart is in pain and my lips are parsed but due to her pain and suffering she was able to leave this present world in peace.  I am glad God honored our prayer for her not to suffer any longer.

She died of Colon Cancer due to the neglegence of a doctor who knew she was high risk for this diagnosis.  In 15 years her never had her under go a colonoscopy.

My only desire is for any of my readers that are over 40 to have this procedure.  I suffer from Chrohns disease which makes me high risk for this type of cancer.  I have the procedure every two years. While men giggle about it, giggle but get it done.  Woman, the same for you.

If you would like to gift my Grand Mother send a donation to the Chrohns and Colitus foundation or another greoup looking for cures for cancer.  Again a gift in the name of Mary Lank  to these organizations would be appreciated.

I will be back on line on Thursday of this week with my Politisite Political Projections for Texas and Ohio


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