Man arrested after running on to Runway at Heathrow Airport

  A man has been arrested by armed police after running on to a runway at Heathrow airport, police have confirmed.

The Man ran onto the Runway in Path of an Aircraft.  The Man was carrying a Backpack.  He is now in Custady and Being Questioned.  Police may have Foiled a Terrorist Attack.  An enviromental group, Plane Stupid, who protests airport expansion, says they are not involved.

Update: 1157 am Eastern  3:57 GMT- Sky News and BBC are reporting man had Two Backpacks

Eyewitnesses told the BBC armed police surrounded the man on Heathrow’s north runway just after 1400 GMT and sniffer dogs were sent in to check the bag.

Update: 11:52 am Eastern  3:52 GMT- There is NO security information on the Heathrow Website

Update: 11:34 am Eeat 3:34 GMT-

LONDON (AP) – British police said a man was arrested Thursday after getting onto a runway at Heathrow Airport carrying a knapsack.
The man was spotted on the northern runway just after 2 p.m. (1400 GMT), police said.
Police said that the suspect was arrested by armed officers and confirmed that his knapsack was being examined. A spokeswoman said it was too early to say what the bag contained.
Media reports said the man ran into the path of an airplane. One of the airport’s two runways was closed after the incident.

Update 11:26 am – Sky News calls this a Major Security Breach.  Unconfirmed reports that a controlled explosion was performed.  The Man had a Backpack.  There is a partial shutdown of the Airport Runways.

Heathrow airport: Man with a rucksack scaled the perimeter fence and ran into the path of an aircraft.

The incident happened just after 10:30 EST or 1430 GMT on Heathrow’s north runway.

The BBC’s Ben Ando said eyewitnesses saw armed police officers surround the man and sniffer dogs sent in to check the rucksack.

The man is understood to have been taken into custody. No-one has been hurt.

Up to 20 emergency services vehicles were reported to have been sent to the scene

Man arrested after running on to runway at Heathrow Airport,

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