Clinton Loses Super delegate Bill Richardson, Backs Obama

Superdelegate Bill Richardson Backs ObamaThe individual decisions by a small number of superdelegates rise in importance to equal or even surpass the results of primaries. On Friday, March 21, Bill Richardson, a former Presidential contender and more importantly a former member of the Clinton cabinet, is endorsing Barack Obama.

As Trailwatch noted, the true measure of the Obama-Reverend Wright episode will be in the impact on these superdelegates. A couple of days ago, a prominent Pennsylvania Democrat, Rep. John P. Murtha, came out for Hillary Clinton. The Richardson move counters and trumps.

The Oregon primary is May 20. Obama is keeping an eye on Pennsylvania, where the demographics and the polls favor Clinton, but he is sticking to a so-far successful strategy of pushing for support in every state. From The Oregonian:

Oregonians camped out at Memorial Coliseum in anticipation of Obama’s first stop in his visit to Oregon today, which ends with a late-night visit to the University of Oregon in Eugene.

More than three hours before Obama was scheduled to appear at the Coliseum, hundreds already were lined up in the Rose Quarter, bundled in wool hats and blankets.

With an exuberant rally in a state that leans heavily in his direction and a high-level endorsement from a former rival with close Clinton connections, Obama hopes to put the tribulations of this past week behind him and regain his momentum.

Carl Lavin

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