Kentucky Fried Chicken to Change Name to Kentucky Grilled Chicken

KGC? Kentucky Fried Chicken Testing New Grilled Chicken

Nation’s Leading Chicken Brand Market-Testing Kentucky Grilled Chicken

LOUISVILLE, Ky., March 24 /PRNewswire/ — For over 65 years, Kentucky

Fried Chicken has served up Colonel Sanders’ famous Original Recipe(R)

fried chicken. Now KFC is market testing a revolutionary finger lickin’ new

menu addition — Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

“This great tasting product will help KFC continue to evolve and

increase our relevance among consumers looking for nonfried menu options.

It’s the latest and most exciting of many recent menu innovations at KFC,”

said Gregg Dedrick, President of KFC. “And, as always, it will deliver the

great flavor our customers have come to expect.”

Currently being tested in Indianapolis, Colorado Springs, San Diego,

Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Fla., and Austin, Texas, KFC’s Kentucky

Grilled Chicken is expected to be unveiled nationwide in early 2009.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken

The introduction of Grilled Chicken would mark a significant evolution

to the KFC menu. The new product is designed to appeal to KFC lovers who

say they want nonfried options while staying true to the great taste and

quality of KFC’s traditional menu.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken is marinated and seasoned with a savory blend

of secret herbs and spices and then grilled to juicy perfection. KFC’s

Grilled Chicken has between 60 to 180 calories and 3 to 9 grams of fat.

Original Recipe(R) chicken has between 130 to 360 calories and 8 to 24

grams of fat. Kentucky Grilled Chicken prices will be on par with KFC’s

fried menu items.

“We have worked tirelessly to develop a grilled product that would have

met Colonel Sanders’ high expectations for flavor and taste,” commented

Doug Hasselo, Chief Food Innovation Officer at KFC. “We’re confident the

Colonel would have given this grilled recipe his seal of approval. It truly

is finger lickin’ good.”

A Packaging Twist

The flavorful grilled chicken isn’t the only thing new about this

introduction. Even the Colonel’s iconic bucket has a new and exciting look.

KFC locations serving Grilled and Fried Chicken will do so in buckets that

are half red and half white — a design unlike any other in the 50-plus

year history of the bucket. This version includes “Kentucky Grilled

Chicken” graphics on the white side and “Kentucky Fried Chicken” graphics

on the red side. Of course, images of KFC’s world famous founder Colonel

Sanders will also adorn the bucket, which is designed to communicate the

variety of menu offerings at KFC.

Ad Support with Presidential Appeal

Kentucky Grilled Chicken will be supported with three new television

commercials created by DraftFCB, Chicago. Most notably, a 30 second

commercial will star KFC’s president Gregg Dedrick delivering a message

that the new Grilled Chicken has a taste worthy of the name KFC. The

backdrop for the commercial is a KFC storefront getting outfitted with a

new sign reading — Kentucky Fried (& Grilled) Chicken.

Focused on the Nutritionals

In addition to offering new items, KFC is committed to examining the

nutritional profile of its current menu items. The brand made significant

strides with its transition to zero grams trans fat per serving fried

chicken in April 2007. KFC is also currently making strides to reduce

sodium on a variety of menu items.

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