Mike Gravel Joins Libertarian Party, Won’t Drop Out

 Mike Gravel Joins Libertarian Party, Won’t Drop Out

Posted on March 26, 2008 by politisite 

Mike Gravel plans to join the Libertarian Party and continue his candidacy as a Libertarian.  He related, “because the Democratic Party no longer represents my vision for our great country”. Gravel First declared his candidacy on April 17, 2006 for the Democratic Nomination.  During that time he won neither a State nor a Delegate

“The fact is, the Democratic Party today is no longer the party of FDR. It is a party that continues to sustain war, the military-industrial complex and imperialism — all of which I find anathema to my views. “  Senator Gravel told reporters and his supporters that By and large, he had been repeatedly marginalized by the  media  and by the Democratic Party at large.

He further announced he looks forward to campaigning as a Libertarian. 


Mike Gravel Joins Libertarian Party, Won’t Drop Out

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