The Obama Girl is Back and she's ready for a Fight, well a Suggestion.

 The Obama Girl is Back and she’s ready for a Fight, well a Suggestion.

With the Democratic race continuing and the attacks are flying back and forth like a tennis match. The Obama Girl has tapped in to the sentiments of Americans. Enough Already!  Do you want to destroy the Democratic party because, “your in it to win it”  How about what the voters are saying, ” I have a crush on Obama”.  Amber Lee Ettinger’s new video uses some worth watching clips from the Rezko attack in South Carolina to Amber appearing to get into the action with some visual effects usually only available to professional video productions. 
Note:  Here is the link  The Barely Political team and I ran into each other at the St. Pete Debate.  The video is on YouTube as well.

Amber appeared on Fox News with Bill Hemmer.  He is an excerpt

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AMBER LEE ETTINGER, “OBAMA GIRL” (sung): Because I’ve got a crush on Obama
BILL HEMMER, CO-HOST: That was the old one. Time to let the air out. Barack Obama is getting helped from an old pal. Obama girl is back. Within this video, she is telling Hillary Clinton to leave her man alone. Want to hear?
ETTINGER (sung): Is there any chance you’ll back off so he’ll get the nomination. As I said back in June, before it was a cool thing to do. Now that he’s on top, you ought to stop. So I’m back on YouTube, there’s a good solution for you. Won’t you step back, stop the attack. It’s the right thing to do

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