3 Killed at Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus, GA over Mothers Death

UPDATE 4:19 pm March 2008: All victims identified in hospital shooting, suspect released from hospital charged with 3 counts of Murder

Authorities have identified the third victim in Thursday’s shooting spree at Doctors Hospital in Columbus. Muscogee Coroner Bill Thrower said the man reported to be an administrative assistant shot on the hospital’s fifth floor was Leslie Harris, 44, of 103 Cedar Crest Road, LaGrange, Ga. Harris died at the hospital at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Thrower said.
Columbus Police identified the other two victims earlier Friday.

The nurse shot and killed on the fifth floor was Peter Wright, of 43 Mountain Hail Court, Fortson.

The truck driver shot in the parking lot was James David Baker, of 4332 Fay Drive, Columbus.

Charles Johnston, 63, of Columbus, has been released from The Medical Center and his under arrest. Charges are pending, said Police Chief Ricky Borden.

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3 Dead following Hospital Shooting at Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus, GA

By Albert N. Milliron, Politisite.com

Updated 11:11 pm

Columbus- March 27, 2008, 5:30 pm – (IMNS) – A male nurse, a male administrative assistant, and another unidentified hospital worker are dead following a shooting at Doctor’s Hospital AKA Columbus Regional Medical Center in Columbus, Georgia.  At approximately 2:00 pm this afternoon, a Man, identified as Charles Johnson, 63,  a retired school teacher, went to the 5th floor ward with a gun and began to open fire on hospital workers.  He shot two people on the ward and another on the parking deck as he left the hospital, three are now confirmed dead according to police.

Police locked down the hospital, sealed off exits, set up a perimeter and established a command center.  As the suspect left the hospital he was confronted by an undercover police officer,  Johnson shot another victum in the head in the parking deck area. The undercover officer was able to follow Johnson and drew fire.  The officer shot and injured the suspect who is now being treated at the regional medical center in Columbus. He will be transferred to the county jail following an overnight stay at the hospital.  He is expected to be charged with 3 counts of Murder.

Police Chief Ricky Boren related to reporters at a news conference that they are looking for a motive and didn’t want to speculate as they were early in the investigation. However, the suspects mother died at the hospital in 2004 and there is speculation that he killed one of her healthcare providers. Chief Boren related that Doctors Hospital has set up a phone line for people concerned about family members. The number is 706-494-4057.  The Police say no patients or patient family members were injured in the incident.

Update 11:21 pm – Columbus Regional Chairman and CEO Larry Sanders released this statement

 “On behalf of the board of directors, medical staff and all the emplyees of Doctors Hospital and the entire Columbus Regional family, I extend our heartfelt condolences to the families of the vicitms in this shooting.  We are deeply saddened at the tragic loss of these three lives.  We are reminded of how a tragedy can strike without warning and that life is precious.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of their families.  We ask that everyone in the community keep them in their thoughts and prayers as well.”

Update 11:10 pm – A third person has been confirmed dead

COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) –Georgia authorities say a third person has died from a shooting rampage at a hospital in Columbus.
Police say retired teacher Charles Johnston came to the hospital armed with three handguns and bearing a grudge for his mother’s death. She’d been treated there in 2004.

Columbus Police Chief Rickey Boren says Johnston shot a male nurse who had treated Johnston’s mother. An administrative nurse and a man in a parking lot were also fatally wounded.

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The incident is reported in reverse Chronological order.  To read events as they unfolded read from the bottom to the top.

Update 5:19 pm – A Male Nurse is one of the dead and a secretary was in Crititical Condition according to Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren related to reporters that no patients or patient family members were injured in this incident. 

Update 5:01 pm – The Associated Press in Columbus, Georgia has confirmed 2 people have been killed and 2 people injured in Doctors Hospital also called Columbus Regional Medical Center.

Update 4:39 – Although we have 2 confirmed sources, news services close to the area are still reporting 1 dead and 2 injured.  I wanted to share that sometimes in news you will have one source incorrect and several will report that information as a confirmation.  I am trying to find the original source to bring you the correct version of this report.  WSB Atlanta was reporting from WTVM in Columbus they are reporting on the web page 2 dead, but their news reel says one is confirmed dead

Update 4:37 –  WSB TV and WSFA have confirmed that two are dead and four people injured, one is probably the gunman who was shot by police

Columbus, Georgia — Two people are dead and four others are injured after a shooting spree at Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus, Georgia.
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Update 4:34 pm – I have an unconfirmed report that a second person has died as a result of this shooting

Update 4:30 pm The Associated press released this 11 minutes ago

Police say they wounded the suspect and that he is being treated. Boren says one officer responding to a call of shots fired saw an armed man leaving the hospital and saw him shoot a bystander in the head.

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Update 4:00 pm – Man is in Custady, The shooting occured on the 5th Floor of the hospital.  Names of the dead, injured, and suspect have not been released.  We can deduct that it was hospital workers as no patients or patient family members were injured

Politisite Note:  We Have WRBL Chanel 3 on our Satellite system now. we will be able to bring news in near realtime now

Update 3:49 pm – From WRBL One witness stated she was terrified and that the lockdown is over.  Politisite is working on finding the name of the Shooter.

Update 3:43 pm – WRBL is Reporting One person is confirmed dead, two others are in critical condition Police say the shooter was not a patient of the hospital the shooter’s mother died this morning at the hospital. Channel 3 is reporting the hospital is in lockdown.

update 3:37 pm –

No patients or family members of patients were involved, according to Marion Scott. “I know that some employees were shot,” said Tom Titus, senior vice president of Columbus Regional. A witness who was on the fourth floor visiting his mother described what he saw. Dwight Jackson said he heard the shooting started on the fifth floor and heard from a hospital employee that a doctor and a nurse had been shot. He said he came downstairs and saw a man with two handguns coming outside.

He said he heard another bystander was shot. He saw the man get into a station wagon and attempt to leave when a female law enforcement officer shot the suspect as he was trying to leave, Jackson said. Emergency personnel were tending to the man’s injuries.

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Update 3:27 pm – Shots fired at Doctors Hospital; three people wounded

March 27, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – News Leader Nine has learned that shots were fired at Doctors Hospital.  The shooting occurred inside the parking deck on the hospital’s campus just of Hamilton Road. 

Police confirm that three people were wounded.  So far on person is in custody in connection with the crime. The identity of that person has not been released.

The parking lot of Doctor’s Hospital is under lockdown. About a dozen officers are securing the area.

No one is allowed to leave the hospital grounds at this time. The hospital tells News Leader 9 that no one inside the hospital was injured.

 Stay with News Leader Nine and WTVM.com as we continue to bring you the latest on this developing story.


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Columbus, GA—A spokesperson for Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus confirms to News Three a shooting occured. They say no patients or visitor’s were injured. The campus of the hospital is in lockdown at this point. We have multiple crews on the scene and will bring you the latest. Tune into News Three First Edition at 5/4 Central, Evening Edition at 6/5 Central and Nightwatch at 11/10 central for all the latest information.

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Doctors Hospital was bought by Columbus Regional Healthcare System on Mar 2 2008 so the Hospital is also called Columbus Regional Medical Center

 Information is scarce, if you are in the affected area please add your comments and informaton 

 More to follow

Hospital Shooting at Doctor's Hospital in Columbus, GA, 2 Dead, 2 Critically Injured Hospital Shooting at Doctor's Hospital in Columbus, GA, 3 Wounded

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