China Blames US for Tainted Dairy Products, 100 children Sick

China Blames US for Tainted Dairy Products 100 sick

China Radio Internationals world-wide broadcast today is blaming the United States for Tainted Calcium that caused more than 100 children to get sick.  The milk product was manufactured by Zhuhai Dairy Company in China.  Neither CRI or the Guangzhou Newspaper gave any details on the American Company who allegedly sold Contaminated products to China. 

While here in America we have attributed hundreds of products from China that are contaminated.  Some examples are Honey, Sea food, lead paint in children’s toys, Pet food Glutens, and more.


The food safety watchdog in southern Guangdong Province warned against tainted dairy products manufactured by a Zhuhai dairy company after more than 100 children were reported vomiting after drinking the milk, a Guangzhou-based newspaper reported on Saturday.

The provincial food safety agency had sealed up 4,167 boxes of the milk suspected of contamination while the manufacturer, Zhuhai Weiwei Daheng Dairy Company, recalled another 2,706 boxes of such product.

The government warned consumers in five cities, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Foshan, Zhongshan and Guangzhou, against the risk of drinking 150-ml high-calcium milk, which was packed on March 26, the newspaper said.

Some 75 children in a few day-cares in both Zhuhai and Jiangmen were reported sick after drinking the products on Wednesday. The young patients were properly treated and went home from hospital on Friday.

More than 30 children were later reported sick after drinking the same products.

The local food safety enforcement tested samples collected from the dairy products and found staphylococcus aureus intestinotoxin, which will lead to acute alimentary infection.

The dairy company made an apology statement to the public and said it would compensate for the sick. After careful investigation, the company said it primarily ascertained a calcium material imported from the U.S. problematic.

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China Blames US for Tainted Dairy Products, 100 children Sick

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