Hostage Situation at Columbia, SC McDonalds

Hostage Situation at Columbia, SC McDonalds

Update 10:42 pm – RAW INFO: Suspect Courtney Wood 27  was in domestic dispute with girlfriend,  he shot a man, took his girlfriend hostage, fled by car, took his Hostage into the McDonalds, but one employee did remain hidden under a table, this employee was able to call police and remained unknown to the shooter until police were able to storm building, remove her, and the suspect finally gave up when he was out numbered by police.  The girl is being looked at by EMS due to Mental trauma by the event. Suspect will be charged with attempted Murder, Kidnapping, and other charges.  Situation is resolved except EMS seeing the Victum.  Girlfriend (Hostage) was taken into protective custady as well.

We have been told that the Suspect is was in a domestic dispute in Sumter County, SC the suspect fled, the vehicle had been spotted on Hwy 378 by a Richland County SC Sherrif. The vehicle stopped at the McDonald’s on Decker Blvd.  The Hostages ran out of the building (McDonald Workers) The police stormed the buiding and aprehened the subject.  He is now in isolation in police custady and the situation has been resolved.  No Injurys are reported.  Will update with full story when return to Office.

Update 10:22 pm – SWAT team is staging, we have been asked not to give real time information.  We told them we already have a built in delay

Update 10:11 pm – So readers understand, we are using a relay method.  I am calling the office to my staff, they are typing information.  We will still have this as one of the first news services to have story.  WXLT, WIS had it first

Update 9:48 pm – Police have blocked off area to traffic.  People are kept back 1/4 mile.  News Crews are 1500 Feet

Politisite is on scene and will update along with other news services.

Richland Co. (WLTX) – Authorities confirm that there is a hostage situation at the McDonalds on 2230 Decker Blvd in Richland County.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department tells us that one male is holding people hostage.

Witnesses say that A Latino looking man walked into the McDonalds carrying a gun and a girl who looked about eight or nine-years-old. The witness tells us that when they saw the gun, most of the employees ran out the back of the building.

WIS News TEN Report

Eyewitnesses who were in the McDonald’s when the situation started tell WIS a man with two guns was seen at the restaurant.

Richland County deputies and a SWAT team are currently on the scene, and Decker Blvd. is closed off.

Onlookers are being kept at least 2,000 feet from the restaurant.

WIS News 10 has a reporting team at the situation, so count on and nightcast at 11:00pm to bring you further details as soon as we get them.

The State Newspaper

Richland County Sheriff’s deputies are on the scene of a hostage situation at the McDonald’s on Decker Boulevard near Interstate 77.

A man armed with at least one weapon, a handgun, is inside the restaurant and talking to a hostage negotiator.

Events that led to the standoff began with a domestic incident in Sumter County around 7:30 p.m. One person there was shot and taken to the hospital.

A SLED (SC Law Enforcement Division) agent saw a car matching the description of the one in that incident on U.S. 378 and began pursuing it. The chase ended in Richland County when the suspect ran into the McDonald’s on Decker Boulevard. A woman with him was able to escape, as were several employees and customers in the restaurant, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman said.

Nearby streets are blocked off.


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