Who Really Won Texas? Results Obama Leads Delegate Count

Obama Leads Texas +55.6%

Update 6:45 pm- 85% Reporting – Delegate Count

Obama 3728 55.6% +11.2%

Clinton 2980 44.4%

The Final Numbers are finally coming in from Saturdays state wide convention.  Obama Leads with 1858 to Clinton’s 1270 Delegates.  Obama won because of his Caucus turnout even while the Clinton Campaign issued a manual on how to take over the Caucus process. 

 I am wondering, wasn’t it Al Gore who once said, “shouldn’t the one who gets the most votes be elected?”  Obama lost the populr vote but wins the delegates to the convention which really matters.  Bottom Line, Obama won Texas. 

The latest numbers from Saturday’s democratic conventions had Ms. Clinton with 1,270 Texas delegates, or nearly 41%. Mr. Obama had 1,858, equaling 59%.

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