Clinton, Ron Paul same odds of getting Nomination

Clinton, Ron Paul same odds of getting Nomination

In a story appearing at, Hillary Clinton has very little chance of getting the Democratic Nomination.  If you look at the odds they are about the same as Ron Paul’s chances for getting the Republican Nomination when his campaign was running Hot. 

So why did News services ignore Paul and embrace the Clinton Campaign?  Its all about the news cycle and keeping a story in que.  Yes, more folks have voted for Clinton but the bottom line is she has lost.  She is now giving John McCain weeks and months of getting positive news time and the ability to raise large sums of money.  John McCain is only running ads in he South West because, he doesn’t have to waste money right now.  The Democrats infighting is giving McCain a free ride until, June? July? August? 

Remember when the Right Harped on the polls that said Hillary’s negatives were 65%.  She has proved them right as she polarizes the Democratic party.  This is not a time for going all in in a Texas Hold’em poker game.  Its time to get out and allow the process to bring folks back together.  The Republican’s are loving this.

So the media continues propagating this myth just for ratings and many are buying that Hillary can still win.  How many Democrats will be so upset that they will sit out on election day and cause the Congressional balance to shift and turn the country over to John McCain?

Political analysts have been scaling down Hillary Clinton’s chances of victory. Many have taken to offering up numerical odds of her success. A source for the Politico affiliated with the Clinton campaign pegs it at 10%. David Brooks puts it at 5%. The InTrade market has it higher – at about 20%. Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei do not offer a number of their own, but they claim she has “virtually no chance of winning.”

What others are saying

I’m Done With Hillary Clinton: Two Unavoidable Unacceptables for a Democratic 2008

But at this point, I’m simply done with the Clintons. Not just for this race, but period. No matter what happens from here on forward, I’ve just had enough. I have friends who are dedicated to her, and whose political careers are linked to her fate. And it’s been truly difficult to get to this point.

But the second she opened her mouth to weigh in on the issue of seating Michigan and Florida delegates, I began to have my doubts. And with her declared intention to fight on until convention in August there’s just no avoiding it anymore. I can no longer pretend that she puts the party above even the slimmest chance of furthering her own ambitions.

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