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Austrian Man Raped Daughter Repeatedly, Fathered 6 Children Incest

April 27, 2008 Politisite 0

Austrian man held Daughter Hostage, Raped Daughter, fathered 6 children through Incest An incredible story of a missing woman,  found over The weekend, was held hostage, repeatedly Raped by her Father.  She gave birth to 6 children.  She must now work through all that has happened to her since 1984 VIENNA, Austria (AP) — A woman who went missing in 1984 was found by police over the weekend and told […]

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Pennsylvania, Politisite Exit Polls, Real Time Election Results, Breaking News & Commentary

April 22, 2008 Politisite 0

 Politisite Exit Polls, Real Time Election Results, Breaking News & Commentary from Pennsylvania by Albert N. Milliron, Chief Political Correspondent Iron Mill Interactive Media Inc. & Hello all you pundits, politicos, politstes, pollsters, politisites, political junkies, and casual political readers. Your at the right place for exit polling data that is beginning to leak from Pennsylvania.  We will start with brining you that coverage first.  Later, tonight when the polls […]

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AWOL McCain, Clinton, and Obama question Petraeus

April 8, 2008 Politisite 0

AWOL McCain, Clinton, and Obama on Capital Hill for Petraeus Testimony By Albert N. Milliron Senators John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton are on capital hill today for the well publicized General Petraeus Hearings.  But where were they when the cameras were not in the spotlight?  According to a Washington Post database that tracks congressional votes, John McCain has 304 votes (56.9%), Barack Obama has missed 204 votes (38.2%) […]