Former Rep. Barr will seek Libertarian Nomination

Washington, DC ( — A former pro-life Republican Congressman, Bob Barr of Georgia, will pursue the nomination of the Libertarian Party. Barr plans to announce his bid over the weekend a regional convention of the third party and his candidacy could take away votes from GOP nominee John McCain and allow abortion advocate to win the White House.

Washington, DC ( — “I am planning to address the delegates and I will say I am not planning on wasting their time. I am planning to have something fairly significant to say,” Barr told CNN.

Republican activists have already said they fear a Barr candidacy will make it easier for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to win in November.

“Sure, it will hurt [McCain]. We’ll just have to see how much,” South Carolina GOP Chair Katon Dawson told the Washington Times.

Michigan GOP Chair Saul Anuzis said he thinks Barr will cost McCain votes in heavily Republican states where voters don’t worry about giving the state to one of the abortion advocates.

“But how he will do in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the five key swing states — that’s the question,” he told the newspaper.

Barr faces competition for the nomination from another party-switcher — former Alaska senator and 2008 Democratic Party presidential candidate Mike Gravel.

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