Fox & Friends New look, Megan Henderson

Fox & Friends New look, Megan Henderson


Megan Henderson, the Texas brunette beauty, is gracing our screen on Fox & Friends Weekend as a guest co-host in the center spot. (It appears that she is auditioning for Ainsley Earhardt’s spot since Courtney Friel remains the news reader and Greg Kelly and Clayton Morris are flanking the new lovely.) Megan reminds one of Kathie Lee Gifford, i.e., energetic, effervescent, and a bit egocentric. Even though she’s a Texas honey like E.D. Hill, erstwhile long-time co-host of F&F, Megan doesn’t seem to have E.D.’s down-to-earth personality. Ainsley has E.D. earnestnesss but not her earthiness: one can hardly imagine Ainsley frolicking au naturale, or, at least, European beach-style on a camping trip as E.D. is reportedly not adverse.

Megans Blog at Fox4

t’s the question I’m asked most often: How early do I have to get up to host Good Day?

The answer? 2:15am. Cue the violins…


My broadcast career started in Wichita Falls where I did a little bit of everything – from reporting and anchoring…to producing and editing.

From there, I took a job at the FOX station in Salt Lake City as a general assignment reporter and eventually worked my way up to co-anchor of “Good Day Utah” and FOX 13 News at Noon. I joined FOX 4 as co-anchor of “Good Day” in August of 2003.

I grew up in sunny San Clemente, California, and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me traveling, volunteering, enjoying great food, napping, spending time with friends and family, going to the gym, watching sports, and (most importantly) sleeping in!

Fox & Friends New look, Megan Henderson

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